[Answered] Where Are Recovered Excel Files Stored in Windows 10?

This post will help you find where are recovered Excel files stored on Windows PC after you recovered them. Also, it will provide powerful yet easy recovering tool enabling you to find and locate deleted/lost Excel successfully.


By Demi / Updated on April 2, 2024

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Where are recovered Excel files stored in Windows 10?

Excel is a great spreadsheet program for business developed by Microsoft. But sometimes, due to some errors, you may suddenly lose your important Excel books. Luckily, you can recover lost Excel with the Excel tool and Windows built-in features, like AutoRecover, files history backup, and so on.

After recovering deleted/lost Excel files from Windows PC, you must can’t wait to open them to have a check. Then, you will encounter such dilemma - where are recovered Excel files stored?

Excel File

Depending on the way how you get deleted/lost Excel files back, you have different way to locate recovered Excel files. Keep reading this guide, and figure out where your recovered Excel files are stored in Windows 10.

⚠️ Chances are that you cannot locate recovered excel files because they fail to be recovered. Just in that case, it is suggested to try the professional data recovery software mentioned in the next part.

Locate recovered Excel files from AutoRecover

The inbuilt AutoRecover function, introduced by Microsoft, helps retrieve lost Excel files if Excel closes unexpectedly due to power failure or a computer crash.

Without any operation, when you run Excel next time, the retrieved Excel file should be in the Document Recovery pane.

Excel AutoRecover

Don’t panic if you cannot access the recovered file in Excel since the AutoRecover file will also be saved to disk, it is placed in a directory that you specify. If you cannot remember it, follow the steps below to find where are AutoRecover Excel files stored.

Step 1. Display the Excel Options dialog box.
In Excel 2007, click Office button > Choose Excel Options.
In Excel 2010 or later, display the File tab of the ribbon > Click Options.

Step 2. Click the Save button on the left side of the dialog box.

AutoRecover Excel Path

From here, you can get the location of the recovered Excel files. You can also modify its locations as well as other settings of the AutoRecover here.

Locate Excel files restored from the Recycle Bin

If you recover deleted Excel file from Recycle Bin, you can easily locate it in its original location, such as your desktop, the folder you usually save Excel files, and so on.

Clcik Restore

If the original location is not available, it is possible that it can recreate its full path. If it doesn’t, where are recovery Excel files stored? You can go to the C: drive, find Public Folder, and the recovered Excel file will be there.

Locate Excel files recovered from the previous version

If you have a clear idea where the lost Excel files were saved, you can restore previous versions of files or folders to get Excel files recovered.

Restore Previous Version

If in this case, it is pretty simple to find recovered Excel workbooks. Once the restore process finished, the files will be recovered and saved in their original destinations.

Locate Excel files retrieved from File History Backup

If you once backed up Excel files using the built-in File History Backup function on Windows, you may choose to recover Excel files by restoring them. Once you select certain Excel workbooks and click the green restore icon, the recovered Excel files will be back to their original location.

Locate Deleted Excel File Restore

Cannot recall the original location? Then, it is suggested to restore your files to a different location. You can right-click the Restore button, select Restore To, and choose a new location.

Locate Excel files recovered from Windows File Recovery

Although using Windows File Recovery requires some technical knowledge, it is feasible when it comes to recovering files without backup.

During the Excel file recovery process with Windows File Recovery, you are asked to input the recovery command, in which the letter of the drive you’d like to save recovered files is needed, like E: drive shown in the picture below.

Winfr Segment Xlsx

Then, where are recovered Excel files stored in Windows 10? Just keep the letter in mind, and when the task is completed, a recovery folder that saves the retrieved Excel files will be created in this drive.

Bonus: An easy way to recover and locate lost Excel files

Data recovery is inherently difficult, and you definitely don't want to spend more time looking for recovered files. To make everything simpler and quicker, it is recommended professional data recovery software - MyRecover.

✔ Easy to operate. Just within three steps, you can finish data recovery software. You are free to modifying the location you’d like to save the recovered files.
✔ Quick and deep scan. It helps deeply scan your disk and filter all lost files. You can preview and choose wanted files to recover.
✔ Recover 200+ types of files. Beside Excel files, MyRecover also supports to recover files like photos, videos, compressed files, etc. in different data loss scenarios.

Free download the powerful tool on your computer, and recover Excel files and other data with no effort.

Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 1. Run MyRecover on your computer > Choose the exact disk you used to save Excel files > Hover the mouse over the drive and click Scan to scan.

Select Partition To Scan

Step 2. The deleted/lost files will be scanned and listed in the Scanned files list. You can click each folder to browse them here.

Scan Lost Data

Step 3. Locate and choose the lost Excel files from the list > Click Recover x files > Choose a destination to save the files so that you don’t need to worry where are recovered Excel files stored.

RecoverLost Data

MyRecover also allows you to recover data from wiped/partitioned hard drive, USB, pen drives, and so on. Just plug them into computer, and make it with the three steps above.


That’s all for the answer to the question - where are recovered Excel files stored. Generally speaking, most of the tools help recover Excel files to their original location, which, to some degree, may take you some time to locate them.

While with professional data recovery tools, like MyRecover, you can not only fully recover wanted files, but also modify the storage path to save the recovered files.

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