Effective Solutions for TXT File recovery [4 Methods]

On this page, you will know some methods for TXT recovery. If you want to get TXT files back, read this post now.


By Zoey / Updated on April 3, 2024

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Discovering solutions to retrieve deleted TXT files is paramount when facing accidental deletion, sudden power outages, unsaved progress, system instabilities, or other unforeseen circumstances. The realm of TXT recovery on contemporary computers offers numerous approaches, yet this discourse focuses solely on the most effective and dependable methods for reclaiming misplaced files from your computing device.

Within this narrative, we delve into the utilization of MyRecover, a cutting-edge file recovery application, facilitates the swift retrieval of lost, deleted, or unsaved files through intuitive user interactions. Additionally, alternative methodologies for file recovery will be deliberated upon, providing a comprehensive exploration of potential remedies.

Understanding the .txt File Format

At its core, a .txt file stands as one of the most ubiquitous forms of textual documentation. Encapsulated within the .txt file extension (e.g., unnamed.txt), this format embodies a collection of text-based content organized into lines devoid of formatting embellishments. Embraced universally by traditional word processing applications and editors, the TXT file boasts a simplicity that renders it accessible and interpretable across all mainstream computing environments. Its fundamental structure underscores compatibility with an array of computers, software suites, and operating systems, ensuring seamless integration and comprehension without encountering compatibility hurdles. Delving deeper, let's unravel the essence of the TXT file format.

Optimal TXT File Recovery Solution: MyRecover

When venturing into the realm of file recovery, two pivotal factors reign supreme: efficacy and user-friendliness. Amidst the plethora of available options, MyRecover emerges as a standout contender.

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Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, MyRecover embodies a harmonious fusion of effectiveness and simplicity. Leveraging its robust capabilities, MyRecover employs a sophisticated approach to delve into your system's depths, unveiling both recently and long-discarded files with precision.

With MyRecover at your disposal, the prospect of reclaiming your lost TXT files becomes markedly easy. The intuitive interface streamlines the recovery process, ensuring seamless navigation for users of all proficiency levels. Simply launch the application, designate the target location, initiate the scan, and witness the seamless restoration of your cherished files. MyRecover epitomizes efficiency and accessibility, offering a potent solution for recuperating your invaluable TXT files effortlessly.

How to retrieve deleted text messages? Sure, I'll guide you through the steps to recover deleted text messages MyRecover:

Step 1: Launch MyRecover on your computer and hover the partition where your TXT document was saved. Click Scan to initiate the scanning process.

Select Location To Scan

Step 2: MyRecover will meticulously scan the selected partition, identifying all deleted and missing files. You'll have the opportunity to preview the scanned files as the scanning progresses.

Scanning Drive

Step 3: Once the lost TXT file is located among the scanned files, select it. Then, click on "Recover x files" located in the lower right corner. Choose another secure destination to save the recovered document.

Select Deleted Text File To Restore

Following these steps diligently will enable you to effortlessly retrieve your TXT files that were either unsaved or deleted, ensuring a seamless recovery process using MyRecover.

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Exploring Free Alternatives for Recovering Deleted or Unsaved TXT Files

In addition to the most effective method, you can learn some other alternative ways to recover TXT files for a try.

Way 1. Retrieve TXT Files from the Roaming Folder

While applications like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint boast an AutoSave feature for seamless recovery of unsaved documents, Notepad lacks such advanced functionalities. Nevertheless, the absence of AutoSave doesn't render unsaved Notepad files irretrievable. Occasionally, temporary files store unsaved data on your computer, offering a glimmer of hope for recovery.

To commence the recovery process:

1. Utilize the "Win + S" shortcut keys to summon the search box on your taskbar.

2. Type "%AppData%" into the search box and hit Enter to navigate to the Roaming folder on your system.

3. Within the Roaming folder, input ".txt" into the search box to scour for unsaved Notepad files.

4. If located, copy and relocate the files to a desired location for convenient access.

Search For Text Files

Way 2. Recover Lost TXT Files from Previous Versions

If you've availed yourself of features like System Restore Point or File History for maintaining file copies, regaining access to missing Notepad documents from previous iterations is feasible. Below is a succinct guide outlining the process of restoring previous version of file on Windows and other operating systems from an earlier version:

Step 1: Access Windows File Explorer and navigate to the directory where your Notepad file was originally stored prior to its loss.

Step 2: Right-click on the folder housing the desired file, then proceed to select "Properties."

Click Properties

Step 3: Within the Properties window, navigate to the "Previous Versions" tab and select the version you wish to retrieve. Subsequently, click on "Restore" to initiate the restoration process.

Previous Version Restore

Way 3. Restore Deleted TXT Files from Windows Backup

If you've utilized the Windows Backup tool to create backups of your Notepad files, retrieving deleted text files becomes a straightforward endeavor. By restoring the backup file, you can effortlessly recover lost files on Windows. Here's a step-by-step guide to facilitate the recovery process:

Step 1: Launch the Control Panel app and navigate to "System and Security." From there, select "Backup and Restore (Windows 7)."

Backup And Restore Windows 7

Step 2: Within the Restore wizard, opt for "Restore my files."

Restore My Files

Step 3: Utilize the "Search..." or "Browse for files" option to locate the desired Notepad file you intend to recover. Proceed by clicking "Next."

Browse For Deleted Text Files Click Next

Step 4: Choose a destination to save the recovered document, then click "Restore" to initiate the recovery process.

Restore To Its Original Location

In Conclusion

While the simplicity of jotting down notes in your trusty Notepad is unparalleled, the risk of inadvertently losing important information is ever-present. This article has delved into the realm of recovering lost TXT files from your device, extending beyond TXT files alone to encompass lost files in general. Throughout our discussion, we've explored various methods of file recovery, with MyRecover emerging as the pinnacle solution.

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MyRecover stands out as the epitome of effectiveness and simplicity, earning its place as the preferred choice for over 5 million users worldwide seeking to reclaim their lost files. Its advanced yet user-friendly approach resonates with individuals like yourself, offering a seamless path to file recovery. Whether it's TXT files or other data types, MyRecover reigns supreme, embodying the perfect blend of efficiency and ease-of-use.

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