How to Recover InDesign Files Unsaved & Deleted on Windows & Mac?

Do you know how to recover InDesign files? Fret not! Discover reliable techniques to restore your InDesign files on Windows and Mac platforms.


By Lora / Updated on April 2, 2024

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How do I restore an INDD File?

InDesign is an invaluable tool that enables the creation of various works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, books, and ebooks. Utilizing this tool brings a sense of joy and satisfaction.

Nonetheless, some users have encountered issues related to InDesign file loss for multiple reasons.

For example, a sudden shutdown caused by a power outage leaves you no time to save the work, and you have to recover unsaved Photoshop files. This is also a frequently seen question in InDesign.


I'm using Windows 10 on my Dell laptop and accidentally deleted an important InDesign file. Is there any way I can recover it? I'm freaking out because I didn't create a backup. Any suggestions on software or methods that have worked for you in recovering InDesign files on Windows?


- Question from Windows 10 Forum


Fret not; this post compiles essential information to assist you in recovering both unsaved and deleted InDesign files.

First and foremost, it's crucial to understand what an InDesign file is and whether it has an autosave feature before proceeding with the recovery process.


What is an INDD File?

INDD stands for InDesign Document, which is the default file format for InDesign. Graphic designers, journalists, marketers, and publishers who work with Adobe products frequently utilize this format.

You may wonder whether InDesign autosaves your files while using it; now, let’s figure it out.

Does InDesign auto save?

Like AI (Adobe Illustrator), PS (Photoshop), etc., InDesign also autosaves your files.

As you modify an InDesign document, the software performs periodic mini-saves of your changes, storing them as temporary files in the InDesign Recovery folder.

These changes are then added to the document, and the temporary files are subsequently deleted each time you select the "Save" option under the "File" menu.

With these autosave features, users can recover Illustrator files after crash as well as InDesign files.

Check the following parts to learn how does Adobe InDesign recover unsaved files.

How to recover unsaved InDesign files on Windows and Mac?

The automatic recovery feature of InDesign that safeguards your data against unexpected power or system failures is quite helpful. If you forget/fail to save your files, you can rely on InDesign's automatic recovery to retrieve those lost files.

However, it is essential to save your work frequently and create file backup to mitigate the risks posed by unforeseen power or system failures.

To begin the recovery process:

>> Restart your computer and open Adobe InDesign. Following an unexpected shutdown, InDesign typically initiates an automatic file recovery process.

If the automatic recovery process successfully locates a lost file, it will open within InDesign.

>> If the automatic recovery process fails to yield results, you can manually search for the files in the recovery folder.

For Windows Users:

C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Adobe\InDesign\Version [#].0\en_US\Caches\InDesign Recovery


For Mac Users:

Users/User Name/Library/Cache/Adobe InDesign/Version[#.0]/InDesign Recovery


Remember to click "Save Project As" to create a permanent file copy after opening it.

But what if you accidentally delete InDesign files? The automatically recovered data is only helpful if you could not save your work successfully before an unexpected power or system failure. So, how should you handle deleted InDesign files?

How to recover deleted InDesign files on Windows?

Losing important InDesign files can be a nightmare, but worry no more! Let us introduce you to MyRecover, the ultimate data recovery software designed to retrieve deleted files.

With MyRecover, you can effortlessly recover deleted & lost InDesign files with just a few simple steps.

Apply to different situations: deletion, disk formatting, trash bin emptying, system crash, virus, etc. 
Restore deleted and lost files from internal/external hard drives without requiring specialized expertise. 
Support 200+ file extensions, including indd/psd/ai/doc/xlsx/pdf/png/jpg/mov/mp4, etc. 
Compatibility with healthy/formatted HDD/SSD/USB/SD card, and more. 
Available on Windows 11/10/8/7 SP1/Server.

Don't let data loss stand in the way of your creative endeavors. Choose MyRecover today and recover your InDesign files effortlessly, ensuring your hard work is never lost again.

Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and launch the software, then hover the mouse over the source drive where the PSD files were stored. Click Scan.


Step 2. The files can be sorted by criteria such as Date modified, Size, Type, etc.

  • Name: Enter relevant filenames in the search bar to quickly locate your desired deleted/lost files.
  • Date modified: Set a customized date range (today, yesterday, last 7 or 30 days, etc.).
  • Size: Filter files based on size categories (<128 KB, 128 KB-1 MB, 1 MB-512 MB, etc.).


Step 3. Navigate to the "Deleted files" section > locate the original location of the files, or search for indd files in the search box > select the desired InDesign files > click "Recover x files".


It supports 30 MB of free data recovery on each try. To recover unlimited InDesign files at once, upgrade MyRecover to the Pro and Tech versions. In addition, the Tech version supports data recovery on multiple devices and more services.



Wrapping up

It's not uncommon for InDesign files to be accidentally deleted due to system glitches. However, with the right solution at hand, resolving the issue can be a matter of seconds. The methods discussed in this article will help you recover InDesign files on Mac and Windows operating systems.

Additionally, in case of data loss incidents, MyRecover proves to be an excellent application for retrieving your files.

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