How to Recover Deleted Xbox Clips? (2024)

How to recover deleted Xbox clips? Don’t know where to find the game captures? This article provides 3 feasible methods to help you recover deleted Xbox clips easily.


By Lori / Updated on April 2, 2024

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Where do deleted Xbox clips go? How to get back?

Whether they play video games, online games players, mobile phone games, or console games, game players tend to capture their game highlights and funny moments with capture features.

For instance, Xbox players can capture and record their game-playing process and take screenshots on Xbox. Also, they can upload their moments to the Xbox network.

However, problems arise. Some players have complained that their clips on Xbox have disappeared. Some others also reported that their clips suffered accidental deletion and didn't know how to recover them.


Undo deleted game clips?


In an attempt to delete all of the auto-created game clips from Forza Horizon 2, I accidentally deleted ALL of my game clips. Is there any way to get them back, or am I out of luck? Can you recover deleted Xbox clips?Thanks in advance.


- Question from Microsoft Community


It seems that there are many users facing the problem of how to recover deleted data on Xbox. Then, is there any way to recover deleted Xbox clips? How can users get back lost captures?

Rest assured, it is not impossible to restore your data.

To achieve your goal better, it will be better to make it clear where you have previously stored the Xbox clips first.

  • If the clips were only stored on your Xbox console, then the clips are gone for good after deletion. You need to disconnect the drive and seek data recovery.
  • If they were stored on your local hard drives, data recovery will be much straightforward.

This post will give 3 effective methods to help you in several ways.


How to recover deleted Xbox clips?

Check out the guide below to learn how to recover deleted captures on Xbox one and other generations.

Method 1. Check if you have uploaded them to the Xbox network

Xbox supports uploading the clips to the Xbox network from the console. So, the clips may not have been deleted but were kept on the Xbox network.

If you have already turned on the Automatically upload option in Capture & share settings, or you have manually uploaded the clips, you could go and check if there are some clips you need.

>> Start the Xbox app on your mobile device > My Library > CAPTURES


Not enough space for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Series, etc., is still an issue that bothers players. Here are shortcomings of this method.

❌ Warning:
  • The storage size limit for this space is only 10 GB. Once the limit is reached, it automatically deletes your old captures.
  • Clips that have not been viewed for 30 days will also be deleted. So if you can't find the clips you want, they might have been erased.
  • Game clips or screenshots uploaded to Xbox Network may be deleted after 90 days.
  • Captures recorded to an external drive cannot be uploaded to Xbox Network from the console, but they can be uploaded to OneDrive.

Therefore, be sure to backup Xbox 306 captures that you want to keep indefinitely.

Method 2. Check the clips on your local drive

You could also view your captures with the inbuilt Xbox Game Companion and Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 machines.

The captures recorded on a Windows device will be stored in the Videos folder under File Explorer by default. If you haven’t changed the location, just open File Explorer > Videos > Captures > view and check your clips.


For those who have modified the Xbox clips' storage location, follow the steps below to check your captures.

Step 1. Click the Windows menu button > Settings > Gaming.


Step 2. Click Captures > Open folder.


And you will be led to the place where your clips are kept.

Method 3. Recover deleted Xbox clips after 30 days/permanent deletion

If the methods above both fail to help you, you may feel upset and ask, “is there any way to recover deleted Xbox clips without backups?”

Luckily, even without backups, users could turn to professional Windows data recovery tools for help. Users can scan and restore deleted data on Xbox drives or their Windows local drives with its assistance.

MyRecover is an excellent tool to rely on. It is developed and supported by a sophisticated team, possessing many distinguished features; with this tool, you can easily:

Professional Data Recovery Software
  • Retrieve lost or deleted data from internal/external healthy/formatted HDD, SSD, USB drive, SD card, etc.
  • Recover videos like mpg/mp4/avi/mov/asf/wmv/flv files, as well as 200+ other file types.
  • Get back deleted data while keeping its original location, filename, and format.
  • Enjoy effortless data recovery from Windows 11/10/8/7 SP1, NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and ReFS.
Save your recovered videos in another drive other than the original disk to avoid data overwriting. 
If the clips were stored locally on your computer, choose the correct drive; if they were stored on Xbox external hard drive, please connect them to your PC.

If you alsofacing the problem of how to recover deleted data on Xbox, this powerful software can also help you recover deleted files on Xbox. Please download it and have a try!

Step 1. Install and run MyRecover > Hover the mouse over the drive saved deleted files before, and click Scan. If the clips data were stored on the Xbox console, you need to disconnect the Xbox drive and connect it to your PC, then choose the external Xbox drive.


Step 2. Scanned files can be sorted by Type, Size, Date modified, etc. Also, you could input filenames/extensions in the search box to locate your target files quickly.


Step 3. Go to Deleted files or Recycle Bin > navigate to the original location of the videos > choose the videos you need > click Recover x files. If failed, go to Other missing files > choose Videos > select videos to recover.


Moreover, this app can also help you recover deleted videos from Micro SD cards.

Wrapping up

This article gathers 3 feasible methods to help users recover deleted Xbox clips. It is recommend to use best data recovery software –MyRecover to recover deleted Xbox clips because of its high success rate and fast speed. Also, No matter under what situations you lost data, MyRecover can help in simple steps.

“How do I backup my Xbox clips?” It is suggested to backup Xbox 306 /One/other generations with this free and professional data backup software- AOMEI Backupper Standard. Just in case you fall into the same plight in the future.

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