Where Are My Saved Videos on Facebook?

Where are my saved videos on Facebook? If you cannot find your saved videos on FB or have lost/deleted videos on PC, this article will be helpful.


By Lora / Updated on April 2, 2024

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Why can't I see all my saved videos on Facebook?

Facebook is a good place to share your colorful life and moments with the world. As an online social media and social networking service, it offers a good user experience and facilitates users to upload their photos/videos as well as save their liked items.

While using it, unfortunately, problems may come along. Some users are unaware of where or how to recover deleted Facebook photos.

What’s more, users will save items to watch or view later, but a group of users doesn’t know where to access them and are asking, “Where are my saved videos on Facebook”.


How do I view saved videos from Facebook?


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You might be in the same plight now. But, don’t worry; this article can help you find out where are saved videos on FB with several proven methods.


Where are my saved videos on Facebook?

The videos you saved will be associated with the account you use. Before seeing the methods, you might as well check if you have logged in to the correct account first.

It’s similar to checking if you have signed into your Premium account when you find all your YouTube downloads are gone.

Now, learn how to find saved videos on Facebook in these ways. No matter whether you prefer to use the website or the FB app, you could get your saved items easily.

Method 1. Find saved videos on Facebook via the sidebar

Firstly, locate your wanted videos on the Facebook homepage.

When you cannot find what you liked, saved, or uploaded pictures, videos, or other files on the photo/video sharing services, visiting their home pages is a good idea.

For instance, you may also go to the Google Photos page when you are wondering, “Where are my Google Photos”.

Step 1. Go to the Facebook home page > click the See all button on the sidebar > find Saved under Recent.


Step 2. Then you could check your saved videos under Saved Items.


Method 2. Go to the Facebook saved page

Another proven way is also straightforward and super easy. You could just directly visit the Facebook saved page and check your wanted videos. Please note that, if you haven’t logged in, you may need to sign in first.

>> Go to the Facebook saved website > you will be directly guided to the Saved page > check the Saved Items under Saved. Also, you could check your collection folders.

Method 3. See saved videos on Mobile Facebook app

If you are away from your desktop now, you could also find where are saved videos on FB on your Facebook app.

Option 1. Go to the Facebook app on your phone > click Menu on the bottom bar > Saved > then your saved videos will be shown.


Also, there is another option for you to access your videos easily.

Option 2. The same, find the Menu button > click Videos on Watch > click Saved > check all the videos there.


How to recover permanently deleted videos on PC?

Except for videos saved from Facebook online, users also possess a big load of videos on their PC.

If your videos are lost from your local hard drive and you are asking, “Where are my videos saved on my computer”, you need to search them using search tools.

As long as they are not permanently deleted, you could easily get them back on your own. Then, how about the videos that are permanently gone?

In this case, an efficient Windows data recovery app will be a preferred choice. MyRecover is an outstanding one that can help you recover deleted and lost videos from internal and external hard drives.

With the help of its great features, you don’t need to worry about video recovery.

Get data back quickly in 3 easy steps, requiring no expertise or experience. 
Recover lost or deleted videos from an SD card, HDD, SSD, or USB flash device. 
200+ file types are supported, including 19 distinct video formats in mp4/mpg/mov/avi/asf, etc. 
Support NTFS/FAT32/exFAT/ReFS and Windows 11/10/8/7 SP 1 &Server. 
High speed and recovery rate data scanning and recovery.
Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and run MyRecover > hover the mouse over the  source drive where the deleted videos were previously stored > click Scan.


Step 2. Scanned files can be viewed and sorted by Type, Size, Date modified, etc.


Step 3. Go to Deleted files or Recycle Bin > go to the original location of the videos > select the videos you need > click Recover x files.


If failed, go to Other missing files > choose Videos > select videos to recover. What’s more, this tool can help you recover deleted videos from SD cards.


Users who are bothered by the question, “Where are my saved videos on Facebook” can check this tutorial and learn how to find saved videos on Facebook in three methods.

First, locating the saved videos via the sidebar on the Facebook home page; second, directly visit the Facebook saved items page; last, find the videos on the FB app.

Moreover, users who have lost or deleted videos from local hard drives can also get some help from the introduced data recovery software for Windows in this post.

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