Where Are My Videos Saved on PC & iPhone? How to Find If Lost?

Where are my videos saved on my computer & iPhone? How to find them? And how to get them back if lost? Check out this article for detailed answers and a guide.


By Lora / Updated on April 2, 2024

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Where can I find all my saved videos?

People take photos and make video recordings to cease the wonderful moments of their lives. For example, they make vlogs about their travels and recordings of their work process.

In addition, users and game players will sometimes download clips or replays from videos sharing sites or other apps.

Yet, some users seem to have problems finding their videos on computers and sometimes on phones as well. While some users wonder how to find all photos on the computer, some ask, “Where are my videos saved”.


Where are the saved videos?


I just uploaded a video on YouTube. After I uploaded it using Windows Live Movie Maker, I chose to watch it online, but it failed, so now I want to go to the folder where the video was saved, but I can't find it. May I know where it was? The folder where the saved videos from the movie maker were?


- Question from Microsoft Community


If you also want to know how to locate your recently saved videos on Windows PC & iPhone, this article can help you.

Where are my videos saved on PC? How to find them?

Firstly, we will start with videos stored on computers. There are three methods to locate them.

Method 1. Check the Videos folder under Quick access

In the Documents folder in File Explorer, you could find where all of your documents are saved. Similar to Documents and Pictures, Windows also sets an exclusive default storage path to store videos on your computer.

You could begin with this place to see if your recently saved videos are stored there.

>> Press Win+E to start This PC or File Explorer > check the sidebar and find Videos folder under This PC. All the videos downloaded or transferred in default settings will be stored in this folder.


Method 2. Search videos in File Explorer using the search tools

If the wanted videos are not in the Videos folder, they might be kept elsewhere. You could try searching for them using the search tools in File Explorer.

>> go to This PC > if you can recall the filenames or the extensions, type them in the search box, e.g., mp4 > click Kind > choose Videos. If not, then just type anything and press backspace to remove it after selecting the video kind.


If you want to know where screenshots are saved, select Pictures here.

Method 3. Check the game/app folders to find your clips/replays/downloads

“Where are my videos saved that I downloaded from the apps?” Apart from videos uploaded by users, they also download some from video apps or sites.

In addition, game players will create some game clips or replays while enjoying their games.

For example, some YouTube users will download videos to t a local device to watch them offline. But some of them find that all YouTube downloads are gone.

>> If you are one of them, you could check if you have signed into another account, check the Premium subscription or re-download them.

If you are seeking your replays of games, e.g., LoL replays, you could:

>> Go to IN-GAME settings > REPLAYS > copy the Replays Location you have specified (the default path is C:\Users\UserName\Documents\League of Legends\Replays)> start This PC > paste the path in the directory box > Enter > check all your replays there.


Thus you could find where League replays are saved on your computer.

Videos downloaded from other apps can be accessed in similar ways.

How to recover videos from a PC if they are lost?

What about all the methods fail to locate the wanted videos? How to find them? In this case, your videos are very likely to have been removed from your drives.

If so, you might as well seek other approaches to recover them efficiently instead of wondering, “where are my videos stored” and trying hard to find them.

For efficiency and a better user experience, choose MyRecover as your helper. It is a professional Windows data recovery utility that can easily recover your data in 3 easy steps with its good features.

Recover deleted videos efficiently
  • Recover lost or deleted data from HDD, SSD, SD card, or USB flash device.
  • Deleted files can keep their original filenames, paths, and formats when recovered.
  • 200+ file kinds, including 19 different types of movies in mp4/mpg/mov/avi/asf, etc., are recoverable.
  • It offers a high speed and recovery rate during data scanning and recovery.
  • Support NTFS/FAT32/exFAT/ReFS and Windows 11/10/8/7 SP 1 &Server.
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Now use this helpful tool to recover permanently deleted videos from computer quickly and easily.

Step 1. Install and run MyRecover > Hover the mouse over the drive and click Scan to scan.


Step 2. Target the video files by inputting the filenames or extensions if you can recall. Also, Sort them using filters like Type, Size, Date modified, etc.


Step 3. Go to Deleted files or Recycle Bin > go to the original location of the videos > select the deleted videos > click Recover x files. If failed, go to Other missing files > choose Videos > select videos to recover.


You could also perform SD card video recovery using this app.

Where are my videos saved on my iPhone?

Apart from users who will ask, “where are my videos stored on my computer”, a group of users also wonder how to find their videos on phones.

Nowadays, ordinary users and professional artists are willing to use phones to do video recordings with the development of phone cameras.

On iPhones, photos and videos are stored together. Users could manage their photos and videos in the Photos app.

>> Start your Photos app > click Albums > find Videos under Media Types.


Whether the videos are made by yourself or downloaded elsewhere, they will stay in the Albums by default.

If not, you may have changed or specified the storage location. In this case, you might turn to the Files app to find your recently saved videos.

>> Start Files > to locate the target videos faster, input videos in the search box > click Videos to find them.


If there are still no target videos in the Files app, the videos might have been deleted from your iPhone. You might as well check the Recently Deleted folder or turn to a professional iPhone data recovery app to recover deleted videos from iPhone.

Thus you won’t be bothered by the question of “how to find my videos on my phone”.

Written in the end

Users who are wondering “where are my videos saved on my PC and my iPhone?” could get detailed answers and a guide to retrieve them.

Generally, to find videos on PC, they could try checking the Videos folder in File Explorer, searching for the videos using the search tools, and also checking the specific game or apps folder.

For videos stored on iPhones, they could check the Photos app and the Files app.

If data loss or deletion happens, don’t worry; users can still turn to professional data recovery apps for help.

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