SD Card Video Recovery: How to Recover Videos from SD Cards

How to perform SD card video recovery? This tutorial provides 2 feasible ways and related info to help you recover deleted videos from SD card.


By Lora / Updated on April 2, 2024

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Can I recover deleted photos and videos from my SD card?

People use SD cards with their digital devices, like digital cameras, and usually store their important files, including videos, photos, documents, etc.

While organizing their files on the SD card, unexpected misoperations might occur occasionally.


So, I formatted an SD card and thus lost a crucial video file. Has anyone had a similar problem and found a workable solution? Thanks a lot.


- Question from Archinect


Disk formatting is one of the most common causes of data loss on SD cards. Apart from that, there are multiple reasons to account for.

File deletion. Users might delete videos and other files inadvertently or intentionally but quickly regretted.

● Improper ejection. Ejection without “Safe to Remove Hardware” would be dangerous because it might interrupt the data writing.

● Virus infection. When getting infected by viruses, SD card files can get hidden/deleted/modified/encrypted. Some users find that SD card deleting files by itself after being infected by viruses.

● SD card corruption. A corrupted SD card will also prevent users from accessing the files on the SD card.

Then how to get deleted videos from SD cards?

In general, users will seek help from their backups, which is also the first action you need to consider.

If you don’t possess a backup, for efficiency, you could use SD card recovery software to get deleted or missing videos back.


What is the best method to realize SD card video recovery?

Performing SD card data recovery is not that easy, but with the help of a professional video recovery tool for Windows, it won’t be difficult. You could safely, easily, and quickly retrieve data using an efficient app.

MyRecover will be your second-to-none choice. Devoting to offering the best user experience, it is easy, efficient, and excellent.

It is a freemium program. All users can download it and enjoy the trial for free. And it allows you to recover 30 MB of data for free each time. To recover unlimited data, you could also preview the scanning result before upgrading MyRecover to the Pro/Tech version.

An easy and clear guide is ready to help in the following parts.

Step 1. SD card video recovery software free download

MyRecover - Professional SD Card Recovery Tool ★★★★★
  • Restore deleted and missing files from SD card/HDD/SSD/USB flash drive.
  • Apply to all-inclusive data loss situations: deletion, formatting, viruses, system crashes, etc.
  • 200+ file types are supported, including 19 types of videos, mp4/mpg/mov/avi/asf, etc.
  • Scan and recover data at a very high speed and recovery rate.
  • Support Windows 11/10/8/7 SP 1 &Server, and NTFS/FAT32/exFAT/ReFS, etc.
Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 2. Connect your SD card & start scan

 Please don’t use the SD card before data recovery in case the new data added in will overwrite it.

Please start MyRecover > plug in the SD card with a card reader carefully and correctly, and then the software will automatically detect the drives on your PC > hover the mouse over the SD card drive > click Scan.


Step 3. Preview/target the files

Quick Scan searches for deleted files on SD cards, applying to NTFS drives, while Deep Scan looks for lost files, compatible with all file systems.

It automatically deep scans the SD card, locating your deleted and missing files. The whole scan lasts for about 10-40 minutes. During the search, you could freely preview, sort, search, or choose the wanted files to restore.

Click Other missing files > Videos > preview or target your wanted files.


Step 4. Recover files

Choose what you want > click Recover x files. You could specify the location to store the recovered videos as you like.

It will remind you not to save the recovered files to the original place/drive in case they are overwritten and gone for good.


In this way, you could recover deleted videos from SD card effortlessly. Apart from SD cards, this app can also help you undo flash drive delete.

Other methods to recover deleted videos from SD cards

Besides using the excellent tool MyRecover, there are more methods to perform SD card video recovery. The recovery rate might not be that ideal/perfect, but still worth trying.

Method 1. Update the driver

If the SD card driver is outdated, there might also be issues like file reading errors. You could try updating the driver to see if the SD card is back in good condition.

>> Right-click the Start menu > Device Manager > find the SD card driver under Disk drivers > right-click the SD card driver > Update driver. Then follow the prompts to complete the update.


If it fails, try reinstalling it instead.

Method 2. Use Windows File Recovery

Using commands is also an option to get back your data. Commands like the Recover command in CMD could help you recover readable info from a corrupted hard disk. But it can only restore 1 file each time, which is kind of inconvenient.

Here you could utilize Windows File Recovery, a command-line tool that can restore data from healthy/corrupted/formatted SD cards in Windows 10 and later, including videos, photos, office files, etc.

Check the Windows File Recovery use guide for detailed information about recovery modes and switches.

This tool is only available on machines using Windows 10, version 2004 (Build 19041), or above. 

Step 1. Connect the SD card with a card reader properly > go to This PC > right-click on the SD card disk > click Properties and check the file system.


Step 2. Choose a recovery mode according to the file system and the data loss situation.

File system Scenarios mode
NTFS Deleted recently Regular
NTFS Deleted for a while Extensive
NTFS Formatted disk Extensive
NTFS corrupted disk Extensive
FAT and exFAT Any Extensive

Step 3. Select switches to narrow the scanning range and shorten the scanning.

Switches Meaning Supported mode(s)
/n Filter the scan range: scans for a specific file with its file name/path/type, etc. All
/y: Recovers specific extension groups. Signature
/k Recovers system files. NTFS Segment​​​​​
/segment Segment mode; recovers files under NTFS drives using file record segments. Segment
/signature Signature mode; recovers files under all file system types using file headers. Signature
/u Recovers undeleted files, for example, from the Recycle Bin. NTFS Segment

Step 4. Go to Microsoft Store > click Get to install > run the app.


Step 5. Input the command:

winfr source-drive: destination-drive: [/mode] [/switches]

Please note that the target drive must be different from the source drive (the SD card).

E.g., winfr F: D: /extensive /n *.mp4


If you meet the Windows File Recovery stuck at 99% error, check the tutorial to fix it.

Use this command to recover all mp4 files from the SD card to your computer’s local disk D: drive.


Q&A about SD card data recovery

A comprehensive SD card video recovery guide is ready to help you with detailed info. In case you need extra help, some frequently asked questions and their answers are listed below.

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