Where Are League Replays Saved? How to Recover if Lost?

Where are League replays saved? How to access the League of Legends replay folder? How to recover if lost/deleted? Read this post to learn.


By Lora / Updated on April 3, 2024

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Where is the LoL replay folder?

League of Legends, developed by Riot Games, is a multiplayer online battle arena video game. It is prevailing worldwide. LoL players make up 15% of U.S. MOBA players, and there are currently 180 million LoL players all around the world in 2022.

Due to a great diversity of heroes/champions and exciting battle modes, many players are willing to replay their matches to learn from their victories and defeats.

However, some players seem to be unaware of the path of the League of Legends replay folder, and they are asking, “Where are League of Legends replays saved”.


Where Do Saved Replays Go?


Recently I saved a replay from one of my League of Legends games using the new replay feature Riot implemented. I didn't plan on watching it immediately; I just wanted it saved so I could watch it later. Now I have no clue where it was saved. Does anyone know?


- Question from Reddit


It is pretty normal and not a rare case for some players to lose access to their game files like screenshots, highlights, or replays. Some players are wondering about “Where are Minecraft screenshots saved”.

Therefore, there is no need to worry; whether your LoL replays are missing or not, you could get some help from this article.


Where are League replays saved?

Where are LoL replays stored? How can players access their replays on their computers? This part gathers two methods according to the way you record the matches.

1. If you use the replay feature Riot implemented

Most players use the League of Legends inbuilt replay feature to record their matches. They can view, download, and watch the last 20 match replays in their Match History.

First, hit the download button, and they can watch it.


Players can change the relay saving location as they like. If you have downloaded the replay files, you could access them in the League of Legends replay folder.

Step 1. Go to IN-GAME settings > REPLAYS.


Step 2. Copy the Replays Location > start File Explorer > paste the path in the directory box > press Enter. The replays are rofl files.


Thus, you can access your downloaded League of Legends replays.

This method is universal; if you are using Steam and wondering about “Where are Steam screenshots saved”, you could check the client first and visit the screenshots folder.

2. If you use third-party screen recording tools

The replay feature Riot implemented only supports saving 20 matches. And the replays only last for a period of time – when a new patch drops, the old replays cannot be watched.

Therefore, another group of League of Legends players prefers a third-party screen recording app. Thus they won’t be limited to only saving 20 matches.

Then, where are League replays saved? Accordingly, the screen recording videos will be stored in the tool’s folder instead. If you are one of them, go ahead to the video folder under the screen recording software.

Note; If you still cannot access the folder, please check the software settings; or try to do the screen recording again and click “Save” to see the default path.

Where do League replays go if you cannot find them?

What if you use the inbuilt replay feature of LoL but still cannot find the replays? Don’t be frustrated; whether lost or deleted, you could have a chance to get them back.

1. Missing – Search for League replays in File Explorer

File Explorer has a set of search tools to help users locate their files easily.

Suppose your downloaded LoL replays are not in the League of Legends replay folder; you could first try to search for the files in File Explorer.

Also, you could use it to find all photos on your computer.

>> Start This PC/File Explorer > input the extension of the League replays “.rofl” in the search box > press Enter > wait for the processing.


Thus, you can find out all the rofl files on your hard drive.

2. Hidden – Show hidden files

If the search tools cannot locate your League of Legends replays, we could speculate that the files were hidden due to viruses or misoperation.

Viruses deliberately hide, move, delete, or encrypt user files, causing mild to extreme damage.

If you have visited suspicious sites or downloaded apps from untrusted emails/websites, your computer will likely be attacked by viruses.

Please use antivirus software to scan and remove the viruses.

If you are using Windows 7, you could follow the guide to show hidden files in Windows 7.

>> Go to the folder which you are sure or suspect contains the replays > click View in the toolbar > Options > View > tick the Show hidden files, folder, and drives option.


Now, all files in the folder will be visible. If you still need help finding where are LoL replays stored, they might have been deleted from your drives. Please move on to the next section.

3. Deleted – Recover deleted League replays efficiently

Considerable users have the habit of regular file deletion to keep their hard drives running in sufficient disk space. You may have intentionally deleted the League of Legends replays.

In addition, as mentioned above, viruses also remove your vital files.

If so, lucky ones can recover deleted files from the Recycle Bin before they are emptied or removed again from the bin.

But what if the trash bin was emptied? Where do League replays go? How to recover them?

Sagacious users will turn to a professional Windows data recovery tool instead of paying high bills for in-lab data recovery services.

MyRecover is one of the preferred tools. With the help of its advanced scanning methods, users can easily and efficiently locate their LoL replays.

Recover 200+ types of data, including game files, office files, emails, etc. 
Support data recovery while keeping the original filename, format, and path. 
Scan HDD, SSD, USB, SD card, etc., for deleted and missing files. 
Suitable for data loss due to deletion, formatting, viruses, system crashes, etc. 
Available in Windows 11/10/8/7 SP1/Server.

With the help of this tool, you won’t be bothered by the “Where are League replays saved” question.

Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 1. Download and run the app. Hover the mouse over the drive saved deleted files before, and click Scan.


Step 2. Type, Date modified, Size, etc., can help you filter and target your wanted League of Legends replays. E.g., input the extension “.rofl” in the search box.


Step 3. Go to Deleted files or Recycle Bin > go to the League of Legends replays folder under Documents > choose the rofl files > click Recover x files.


Thus you can get back your LoL replay files. Moreover, this app can help solve the Terraria Load Failed No Backup Found error.


This article answers “Where are League replays saved” and teaches players how to access the League of Legends replay folder.

If the replay files were lost, hidden, or deleted, they could also get some help in this post and recover them in a breeze with the use of Windows PC inbuilt tools and a professional third-party data recovery app.

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