How to Recover Deleted or Lost Files from PSP Memory Stick

You will get the most effective method to recover deleted files from the PSP memory stick along with some simple precautions to prevent loss of game files.


By Ivy / Updated on April 2, 2024

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The PSP (PlayStation Portable) is a handheld game console, which stores game files on Memory Stick Micro or Memory Stick Pro Duo. But somehow you may lose your favorite games, such as God of War, Terraria World, Mortal Kombat X, Valkyria Chronicles, etc. It makes you feel overwhelmed.


You definitely don’t want to play them from scratch. That’s ok, we are going to show you powerful software to help you recover deleted files from a PSP memory stick effortlessly.

Common Scenarios of PSP Memory Stick Data Loss

Understanding the causes of data loss is essential before discussing the solution to recover deleted files from a PSP memory stick. Following are a few scenarios leading to data loss from PSP memory stick:

  • Accidental deletion is the primary cause resulting in data loss.
  • Interrupted operations like copy and paste.
  • Formatting errors while using this memory stick on multiple, various, or different operating systems. Or format this stick to fix disk errors, resulting in all data deletion.
  • Malware or virus attacks corrupt the memory stick, making files inaccessible or causing data loss.
  • Improper usage or mishandling of PSP memory sticks, such as abruptly ejecting the stick may lead to file corruption and make them unusable.

How to Recover Deleted Files from a PSP Memory Stick

All the above causes contribute to files or memory sticks being inaccessible, requiring you to recover deleted or lost files from a PSP memory stick. So you can gain access to your files or memory stick.

Restoring files from backup will be the best practice if you have a copy of the files available. In the absence of a backup, you can rely on trustworthy data recovery software like MyRecover to retrieve your data in Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, etc, and Windows Server quickly and completely.

Key features of this software in the following:

  • Recover files lost in any scenario, such as virus infection, accidental deletion, formatting, corrupted disk, etc.
  • Apply to different PSP memory sticks, such as Sony, Sandisk, Lexar, and Dane Elec.
  • Supports a wide range of file types, such as documents, images, videos(eg: recover deleted WMV files), audios, compressed files, etc, surpassing 200+ file formats.
  • Complete recovery: With its fast scanning methods, you can find as many files as possible and recover them completely without losing their quality or corruption.
  • No technical expertise required, even for novices. 

Now please download and install this trustworthy data recovery software. You can then follow the steps below to recover lost data from a PSP memory stick.

Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your PSP memory stick to a Windows PC via a card reader. Hover the mouse over the drive saved deleted files before, and click Scan.


Step 2. It will run Quick Scan and Deep Scan methods automatically and display all the deleted or lost files including your game files. To locate them quickly, expand Deleted Files and go to the original location of your game files.


Step 3. Select the deleted or lost game files on the PSP memory stick and click Recover x files to recover data from PSP memory stick. You will then be asked to select a location. Please select a new location instead of the original location to prevent potential data overwriting.



  • The restore button will display the number of selected files and their full size. You can use it to determine the integrity of the recovered files.
  • You can recover data from PSP memory stick for free, up to 500MB. To recover all files, please upgrade to the advanced editions.
  • In addition, you still can use this software to recover formatted PSP memory stick, recover files from corrupted usb drive, recover deleted files from external hard drive, etc.

How to Make PSP Memory Stick Recognized

If your PSP memory stick is not showing up in File Explorer, your system may not recognize it. Various reasons can cause memory stick not recognized, such as missing or conflict drive letters, outdated drivers, file system errors, etc. Following are some useful methods to fix it.

Way 1: Assign a New Drive Letter

Conflict or missing drive letters is a common cause of not recognized errors. You can check this in Disk Management, if there are problems, just assign a new drive letter for it.

Step 1. Connect your PSP memory stick. Open the Run dialogue box and type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter to open Disk Management.

Step 2. Right-click the memory stick and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths.


Step 3. In the dialog box, click Change.

Step 4. In the Assign following drive letter box, select a new drive letter and click OK.


Way 2: Reinstall Memory Stick Drivers

Another cause may be a damaged or outdated memory stick driver. You can choose to update the driver.

Step 1. Connect your PSP memory stick. Right-click Start and select Device Manager.

Step 2. Expand Disk Drives. Locate and right-click the PSP memory stick, then select Update driver.


Step 3. Click Search automatically for drivers. It will automatically search available drivers and install them on your device. If you still have problems seeing this memory stick, click Uninstall device in the previous step.


Way 3: Perform Disk Check Utility

Sometimes, the damaged or corrupted file system also causes your PSP memory stick not recognized. Try the Disk Check utility to fix it.

Step 1. Connect your PSP memory stick. Go to This PC, right-click it, and select Properties.

Step 2. Go to the Tools tab, and click Check in the Error-checking section.​


Step 3. Finally, click Scan drive. It will scan this memory stick and fix the found error.


Remember to disconnect the memory stick after each method and restart the computer to make changes take effect. Usually, you can then see it in the File Explorer.

How to Prevent Data Loss from PSP Memory Stick

In addition, you may be interested in simple precautions to prevent PSP memory stick data loss. After all, it’s difficult to guarantee that you will not make over-excited behaviors while playing games, leading to data loss. Here are some great tips you can follow:

  • Immediately stop using the memory stick to avoid data overwriting and permanent erasure.
  • Avoid exposing the memory stick to extremely high temperatures.
  • Never remove the memory stick while it is loading, saving data, or undergoing formatting.
  • Avoid using PSP sticks on different, multiple, or various systems.
  • Backup the memory stick files regularly and save at least 3 backup copies on different devices. It greatly reduces the risk of data loss. Try Windows backup software - AOMEI Backupper Standard.

File Backup

  • Scan your stick and PC regularly for viruses or malware. Windows comes with antivirus software - Windows Defender. You can also use third-party software.


Now that you are aware of how to recover deleted files from a PSP memory stick and protect your files safely. It’s a wise choice to create a schedule backup, which gives you a chance to get your files back quickly.

If you don’t have a backup in the even of data loss, your best choice is to try a trustworthy data recovery software. It will scan the entire memory stick to find out all the deleted or lost data for recovery and the success rate is up to 95%.

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