ORF File Recovery: What is ORF & How to Recover?

How to perform ORF file recovery? Learn what is ORF, how to open ORF files, and how to recover deleted ORF files on this page. Besides, you can also get related ORF file recovery tips.


By Penny / Updated on April 3, 2024

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What is ORF?

The ORF file format represents a raw image captured by an Olympus digital camera. Unlike JPEG files, ORF files maintain the original image data without losing quality due to compression. This means essential attributes like color, saturation, and contrast are preserved exactly as captured by the camera’s sensor.


In contrast, JPEG files tend to degrade in quality with each subsequent opening, limiting their editing possibilities. ORF files boast a bit depth of 12 or more per pixel, whereas JPEGs are limited to 8 bits.

However, it’s important to note that viewing ORF files on your computer may require specialized software. Standard image-viewing applications might be unable to handle this specific file format.


Is it possible to perform ORF file recovery?

The potential for ORF file recovery depends on how the data was lost. Here’re some of the causes of data loss. 

Accidental Deletion:

If you accidentally deleted ORF files from SD cards, these don’t vanish immediately. The memory occupied by the deleted data becomes available for new information.

Recovery is possible as long as the deleted file hasn’t been overwritten. To maximize the chances of recovering deleted ORF files, it's crucial to cease using the device immediately to prevent overwriting.

◢ Formatting:

Quick Format doesn’t erase your data; it merely creates a new file system for your operating system. In this case, data can still be recovered if you stop using the memory device promptly to prevent ORF file overwriting.

But Full Format can replace the data. Please get more details on Quick Format VS Full Format if needed.

◢ Corruption:

Logical corruption of storage media can render it unusable. Your storage device containing the ORF files might get corrupted due to factors like viruses, abrupt ejection, or power outages.

How to recover deleted ORF files without backups?

Since deletion stands out as the prevailing circumstance for data loss, let’s describe how to recover deleted ORF files.

Foresighted users who’ve created regular backups are not concerned because they can get their desired ORF files from backups. Without backups, only reliable data recovery software like MyRecover can help you recover deleted & lost ORF files from Olympus camera SD cards and computer hard drives.

If you permanently deleted ORF files from your Windows computer during editing, it’s also possible to recover permanently deleted ORF files via MyRecover.


  • After SD card recovery, you’re supposed to save your retrieved ORF files in a new path instead of the original Olympus camera SD card.  
  • If you only need to recover ORF image from your Olympus SD card within 500MB, you don’t have to pay for it because MyRecover can enable users to recover 500MB files freely.
  • If you want to recover a large number of deleted files from SD cards or other local hard drives, upgrading MyRecover may be a better and more money-saving choice.
Highlights of MyRecover:
  • High-efficiency: Recover 42 types of images (ORF, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc.), MS Office files, WPS files, folders, compressed files, audio, songs, videos, and websites, from SD cards, internal & external HDDs, SSDs, USBs, etc.
  • Advanced scanning method: MyRecover runs Quick Scan & Deep Scan automatically to search all the recoverable files. Specify the filename, saved path, date, or size to filter your needed files.
  • Convenience: Retain the original filename, path, and format for the deleted files.
  • Excellent compatibility: Support NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and ReFS file systems and work with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, or Server PC.
Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
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Step 1. Connect the Olympus SD card to your Windows and launch MyRecover. Hover the mouse over the SD card saved deleted files before, and click Scan.


Step 2. MyRecover will automatically scan your Olympus camera SD card and search all the recoverable files.

You can preview/filter specific files according to Documents Type, Name, Path, or Date.

  • Name: Type the relevant filenames in the search bar to quickly locate your desired deleted/lost files.
  • Date modified: Set a customized date (today, yesterday, last 7 or 30 days, etc.)
  • Size: Filter the file size (<128KB, 128KB~1MB, 1MB~512MB, etc.)


Step 3. Under the Other Missing Files Folder, select your needed ORF files. Then click the “Recover x files” button.


After recovery, go to your designated saved path to see if your selected ORF image has been recovered or not. Its filename of the recovered folder is the original saved drive + date.


How do I open an ORF file in Windows 10/11?

To view, open, convert, or edit ORF files, you need dedicated software designed for this purpose. These tools cater to various editing needs and enable you to work seamlessly with ORF files.   

Adobe Photoshop: A top-notch raster graphics editor and digital art tool to open and manipulate ORF files. It’s available both for Windows and MacOS.   

File Viewer Plus: Enables users to open ORF files and convert them to other formats such as PNG, TIFF, JPEG, or GIF.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: A free photo editor compatible with Windows, MacOS, and mobile platforms (iOS and Android). It offers a wide range of tools for viewing and editing ORF images, including various photo filters. Please get more details on another page to recover deleted files from Lightroom if needed.

Olympus Viewer: If you’re looking for dedicated Olympus software, Olympus Viewer is a pretty good choice because it allows you to import ORF files from your camera and provides viewing and editing capabilities with a friendly GUI (graphical user interface).   

RawTherapee: Offer advanced color-handling capabilities and editing features.

Let’s show how to open ORF files on Windows 10.

» Please locate the saved path of your ORF file > right-click on it > select Open with > Photos.


FQ&A about ORF file recovery & data loss prevention tips

What is an ORF file? How do I open an ORF file in Windows? How to recover deleted ORF files? If you’re bothered by these concerns, please go to the corresponding part to find answers. Meanwhile, there’re some relevant tips about ORF file recovery.

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