[Full Guide]How to Recover Deleted HTML Files in 2022

This post outlines several ways in different situation respectively to assist you in recovering the deleted HTML files. If you still have no ideas retrieving your deleted files. Check out the whole tutorial to find solutions.


By Hester / Updated on April 3, 2024

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How do I recover a lost HTML file?

When I open my D: drive today to see if the HTML files are there, I'm horrified to discover that the folder is empty. Maybe I have done a wrong delete action but I honestly don't remember deleting the files. Even time I restart the computer and reload the folder, the files are still missing. How to recover the lost HTML file?"

- Question from Quora

Seven solutions to recover deleted HTML files

In addition to accidental deletion, there are several causes of HTML file loss:

  • ✍ Manual Mistake
  • ✍ Viruses and Malware
  • ✍ Hard Drive Damage
  • ✍ Software Corruption
  • ✍ Hackers and Insiders
  • ...

No matter what situation you are faced with, you can read the following methods to learn how to recover deleted HTML files and lost HTML files due to other reasons. 

Case 1. Recover accidentally deleted files

How to recover HTML files? If you accidentally deleted them, you can recover them from Recycle Bin or use undo delete.

Way 1. Restore deleted HTML files directly from Recycle Bin

Whenever you accidentally delete important files, the Recycle Bin should be the first place to check. If you don’t manually empty the Recycle Bin then, you are fortunate enough to recover the deleted files directly.

Step 1. Double-click Recycle Bin on your desktop to open it.

Step 2. Find the file you have deleted.

Step 3. Right-click the target file and click Restore, then the file will back to its original location.

Recycle Bin

Way 2. Recover HTML Files with Undo Delete

It’s easy to undo any action, including accidentally deleting. However, it’s only available to undo the recent actions. And this method will fail if you restart or shut down your computer.

Press Ctrl + Z or right-click anywhere on your computer to recover the deleted file to its original location.

undo move

Case 2. Recover deleted files with backup

If you have backup the deleted files on your computer, congratulate that you can retrieve them by the following methods.

Way 1. Recycle permanently deleted HTML files from File History Backup

As a backup feature in Windows, File History backups files automatically by coping the files and restoring the copies in target folders. By default, File History backs up files located in the Document, Music, Pictures, Videos, and Desktop folders, but you can add exclude folders you want.

Step 1. First, enter "Control Panel" into the search box and then click to launch it. Click System and Security after that.

system and security

Step 2. Find and click File History in the list.

file history

Step 3. Select Restore personal files on the left pane.

restore personal files

Step 4. Locate your deleted files and then click the green Recycle button to restore the files.

file history

Now you can go to the original file location to check whether the deleted files be recovered successfully.

Way 2. Deleted HTML files recovery with the previous version

How to recover deleted HTML files? If you configured to empty your Recycle Bin accidentally, you can also recover the deleted files by restoring previous versions of files.

Before operations, please check the tips below:

  • Make sure you have activated File History or set up a Windows system restore point.
  • Only the folders that the File Story backup copies of are recoverable using this way. You can add exclude folder to the specified folders and you must decide where to save the copies.

Step1. Open Windows File Explorer on your PC and find the folder where your deleted files were located.

locate deleted folder

Step 2. Right-click the target folder and then click Properties > Previous Version, then you can see the list of Folder versions, select the one that meets your need, and then click Restore to retrieve your files.

previous version restore

Case 3. Recover permanently deleted files without backup

How do I retrieve deleted files? If unfortunately you empty the Recycle Bin and don’t have any backup resources, don’t worry, there are still ways for you to achieve file recovery.

Way 1. Data Recovery software: easy & safe way to encounter deleted files

Without a backup, recovering deleted information can be a difficult undertaking for many people because it often necessitates complex operations and command-line experience. As a result, we advise using the third-party professional solution MyRecover to quickly and safely restore your files without technical knowledge if you need to recover erased files immediately.

This utility incorporates a sophisticated scanning algorithm to swiftly and thoroughly search your missing files before assisting in error-free data recovery. It also provides the following benefits:

Easy-to-use. It has a clear interface and easy operations to recover deleted files in only 3 steps.
Compatible. It supports NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, and ReFS in Windows 11/10/8/7 and Windows Server.
Comprehensive repairs. It provides wide solutions to save you from all data loss solutions. For example, deleted data recovery, Recycle Bin recovery, restoring data from formatted disks, etc.
Professional. Supported by a sophisticated team with long-proven scanning algorithms, MyRecover devotes itself to helping you recover data effortlessly.
Safe. Developed by the leading benchmark in the Windows data recovery industry, this Windows data recovery tool is secure and trustworthy with a virus-free guarantee.
Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

After Downloading and installing, follow the next steps to recover your deleted files.

Step 1. Open the software, hover the mouse over the drive saved deleted files before, and click Scan.

select location to scan

Step 2. The software will automatically scan your partition quickly and deeply. Then all the deleted and missing files will be listed. You can search the target file name in the search box in the upper right corner to find it directly.

scanning drive

Step 3. Select the target file you want to recover, and then click Recover file to restore them.

recover files

Way 2. Using CMD to retrieve deleted HTML files

When files vanish from a folder, it's not always a sign that they were destroyed. Instead, they may become unavailable due to viruses, system corruption, etc. In this situation, you can recover deleted files using command prompt because they are simply buried somewhere on the computer.

Step 1. Enter "PowerShell" in the search box, then select "Run as administrator."

run windows powershell

As an alternative, you can open it by pressing Win + X and choosing Windows PowerShell (Admin).

Step 2. Type the following command to launch the CHKDSK program to instruct it to scan the storage device's full surface for faults and bad sectors.

chkdsk #: /r (replace “#” with the letter of your storage device)

type chkdsk

  • If it asked whether you want to “convert lost chains to files,” select Y.
  • Your device will be locked by CHKDSK during the performing session, which means it’s unavailable to access any files on this device until the process is ended.

Step 3. Enter the following command to make hidden, file protection, and system attributes back to normal.

attrib -h -r -s /s /d #:*.* (again, replace “#” with the letter of your storage device)

type attrib

CHKDSK and ATTRIB can help you gain access to the lost files which are not really deleted. If you found the attrib command not working, it may mean the files are deleted instead of being hidden.

Way 3. Recover HTML files via Windows File Recovery

Users can recover deleted files using the command-line tool Windows File Recovery provided by Microsoft. It has been available since Windows 10 2004.

You must first examine your File system before using Windows File Recovery. Right-click the driver where you previously stored your deleted files in This PC, and then select Properties.

check file system

Then you need to select the right mode depending on the file system.

wfr mode

Next, choose the switch according to the table below.

wfr switch

Step 1. Get Windows File Recovery in the Microsoft Store.

microsoft store windows file recovery get

Step 2. Run Windows File Recovery as administrator and then enter the following command:

winfr source-drive: destination-drive: [/mode] [/switches]

For example, if you want to recover a zip file from C: drive to E: drive, you need to input command like: winfr C: E: /segment /n *.html

windows file recovery run command


When the recovery complete, locate to the destination driver to find a folder named "Recovery_(date and time)."

Bonus tip: How to recover corrupted HTML file

If you successfully had your HTML files recovered but find it won't open when you double-click on it. In this case, the HTML probably has been corrupted. In this part, we will show you how to recover corrupted HTML files online.

Step 1. Double click This PC, right-click on the drive with the corrupted HTML file, and click Properties > Tools > Check.

error checking

Step 2. Click Scan drive in the pop-up window.

scan drive

Step 3. You can open the file once the procedure is complete.


In this post, we introduced how to recover deleted HTML files and corrupted files. If you just deleted your files accidentally, then you are fortunate enough to retrieve them from the Recycle Bin. However, if other issues occurred, for example, hard drive damage, system corruption, etc., which may make your files permanently lost. In this case, you still have ways to try to recover the files but will be at risk. Therefore, if you are urgent to retrieve your files and don’t cause any extra losses, try to use MyRecover to solve your problems.

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