How to Fix Google Drive Not Showing All Files?

Wondering how to fix Google Drive not showing all files? This article will be helpful if you want to access those files not showing up in Google Drive.


By Lora / Updated on April 2, 2024

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Why are some files not showing in my Google Drive?

For better cooperation, users will utilize cloud file storage and sync services. When choosing which service to use, they will take the storage space, data sync, and file share features into consideration.

Google Drive is one of the most welcomed apps which offers multiple useful features. Using Google Drive, users can save their data safely in the cloud, sync files across devices, and back up files to Google Drive.

Google Drive users can easily browse and access their files using the Google Drive client and the Google Drive website. However, sometimes, they meet problems as well.


Google Drive Not Showing All files/folders


Is there a known issue with Google Drive not showing all files or folders when browsing using the repository?

If there is no issue, I would like to show that many of our users are reporting that they do not see all of their files or folders when browsing.


- Question from Moodle


Some users find that Google Drive not showing all files, which causes inconvenience for them in accessing their vital data.

Then, why are files not showing up in Google Drive?

  • Sync problems. Loose WiFi connection, settings, and many factors influence data synchronization. If Google Drive is not syncing correctly, you may not be able to access them.
  • Incorrect sync settings. Some files or folders may not be included in the sync list so that they won’t be shown on other devices.
  • Insufficient permissions. File/folder owners can specify whether participants can access the shared files. The owner might have mistakenly removed you from the shared list.
  • Google Drive errors. Users' accounts may be affected if the Google Drive service encounters an internal system fault, which might result in lost files.
  • Deletion. Google Drive files can get deleted due to many reasons. Human error, inactivity, and many factors lead to data deletion.

Troubleshoot: Google Drive not showing all files

Knowing the reasons why Google Drive not showing all folders and files, we could fix this issue better.

Method 1. Pause and restart Google Drive sync

If the data isn’t synced yet, you may not be able to see some new files added from another device. Try pausing and restarting it to give a fix.

>> Click the Google Drive icon on the taskbar > click the settings/menu button > Pause syncing.


Then, when it is finished, click Resume syncing to see if the files are back.

Method 2. Check the WiFi connection

WiFi network also influences how the data is synced. And the WiFi signal strength, the router's status, distance, etc., also affect the network. If the network is not in good condition, you may notice that Google Drive is not syncing all files.

>> Try switching the WiFi off and then turning it on. If failed, try disconnecting from the WiFi you are using, then connecting to it. See if the data is successfully synced and if the files not showing up in Google Drive issue is still bothering you.

Method 3. Check the sync settings

If you find that Google Drive files not showing up locally, the sync settings might be the case. Sometimes, Google Drive files are successfully synced on the cloud but fail to sync on local drives.

At this time, some of the files are only online. Given this, you could manually mirror the files.

>> Start Google Drive > click Settings/Menu > Preferences > Google Drive Folders from Drive > tick Mirror files instead of Stream files.


Thus you could store all your My Drive files both in the cloud and the local drives. And they will be available offline.

Method 4. Restart computer

Another fix to this problem is rebooting your computer. Restarting is a viable measure when you meet computer errors or issues from mild to intense. For example, you could try restarting to fix the white screen of death issue first.

Tips: Try rebooting in a normal process but not forcibly restarting the computer to avoid causing severer problems.

Method 5. Connect the file or folder owner

As mentioned above, the issue of Google Drive not showing all files can be caused by file deletion, especially when your files are shared files and folders.

If the file owner permanently deletes them or removes you from the shared list, you will immediately lose access to the files.

>> Contact the owners to see if they accidentally removed the files or removed you from the allowed list and thus recover deleted shared files from Google Drive.

What to do if the Google Drive files were deleted?

These solutions above are to help you fix the problem of Google Drive not showing all files. If they fail to give you help, the files might have been permanently deleted from your computer.

In this case, some users may turn to data recovery services, and others who are sagacious and foresighted can recover them from their backups.

What about those who don’t have any backups? How to recover permanently deleted files from Google Drive?

MyRecover is your firm helper. It is an advanced Windows data recovery app that helps all users, even those without experience or expertise, recover their files.

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The built-in scanning technologies and practical features of a product will speed up and save you time. 
Files that were deleted will get recovered with their original filename, format, and directory intact. 
While scanning, choose what you need to recover instantly. 
Support Windows 11/10/8/7/Server.

Turn to MyRecover to perform easy data recovery.

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Step 2. Sort the detected files by Date modified, Time, Size, Path, etc.


Step 3. Go to Deleted files or Recycle Bin > find the original location > select what you need > click Recover x files.


This powerful app can also help you recover files from external hard drives.

Wrapping up

Users who need to fix the Google Drive not showing all files can refer to this guide and get some help from the detailed information and methods.

They could try addressing the internet issue, optimizing the data sync, checking their sync settings, and turning to the file owners.

When the data is permanently deleted, MyRecover will be an excellent helper to get their files back quickly and safely.

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