Comprehensive Guideline of FH file recovery [Fast & Useful]

Discover the most effective methods for FH file recovery in the following tutorial. You can get your FH files back in a few clicks fast and effectively.


By Zoey / Updated on April 2, 2024

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Imagine the frustration of accidentally deleting hours of hard work on an Adobe FreeHand illustration without a backup. Surprisingly, this scenario happens more frequently than one might expect.

However, the good news is that there's a high probability of FH file recovery using the right file recovery software or methods. Keep reading to explore the commonly used file types in Adobe FreeHand and learn the best approach to perform Freehand file recovery in case of accidental deletion.

What Is the FHx File Extension

Adobe FreeHand utilized its unique ".FHx" file format, where the "x" denotes the program version used to create the file. This software specializes in two-dimensional vector graphics, employing vectors to define nodes, which in turn create basic figures. The program allows the creation of various objects.

FH File

These objects can be combined to form complete drawings. For example, a project saved in Adobe FreeHand version 3 would have the.FH3 extension. These file types predominantly contained vector images commonly used in web and print design. Other extensions include.FH4, .FH5, .FH6, .FH7, .FH8, .FH9, .FH10, and .FH11.

Recovering Deleted FH (Freehand Drawing) Files: Is It Possible?

The possibility of an FH file recovery task depends on its current state.

First, check your Recycle Bin tool to see if the file was moved there after deletion. If so, it's a simple process to restore it to its previous location.

Additionally, consider if you have a backup of the file through a backup tool or if you saved a copy elsewhere on your computer or external storage. Thus, you can restore files from backup directly. 

If none of these options apply, your best option is to use an advanced data recovery tool to rescue your Adobe FreeHand files.

It's essential to note that the success of file recovery also depends on whether the deleted FH file has been overwritten by new data on your storage device. Acting promptly and performing data recovery as soon as possible maximizes the chances of FH file recovery.

The Most Effective Method for FH File Recovery

With a lot of data recovery software available, selecting the right one can be challenging. Not all programs are created equal, and some offer higher effectiveness than others.

MyRecover stands out as one of the best recovery software for various data loss scenarios, featuring a user-friendly interface suitable for users of all levels.

Besides, you can feel some other advantages of MyRecover:

  • MyRecover offers high recovery rates, surpassing most of the competition.
  • MyRecover supports various storage devices (SD card recovery, USB drive recovery, HDDs and SSDs recovery, etc.) and file systems like NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, and more.
  • It can not only recover deleted FH10, FH5, FH6, etc. files, but also Word documents, Excel files, PPTs, photos, videos, audio, emails, webpages, compressed files, and over 200+ file types.
  • It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and Windows Server.

Don't hesitate to experience the power and convenience of MyRecover today. Get back your valuable memories, essential documents, and irreplaceable files effortlessly.

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Let MyRecover become your trusted companion in FH file recovery, ensuring that your precious data is never lost forever. Now, let's recover deleted Adobe Freehand drawing files step by step:

1. Install and run the program.

2. Hover the mouse over the affected drive and click Scan.

Select Partition to Scan

3. If you remember the filename or extension, input it while sorting the detected files by Date modified, Type, Size, Path, etc.

Scan Lost Data

4. In this section, locate the desired FH files or the entire folder, and click on "Recover x files."

Recover Lost Data

Additional Tips for Recovering Deleted FH Files

Sometimes, if your FH files disappeared due to a simple reason, you can try to find file suddenly disappeared from folder with the following methods.

Tip 1. Recover Deleted FH Files from Recycle Bin

When FH files are deleted from your computer, they are initially moved to the Recycle Bin and kept for a specific period. Before manually emptying it or reaching its size limit, you can recover deleted files from Recycle Bin by following the steps here:

1. Double-click the Recycle Bin icon to open it and navigate to the deleted files in the Recycle Bin folder.

✍ Tip: To quickly locate your FH files, right-click on blank space, select "View," and choose "Details" to display file name, original location, deletion date, and more.

Select Details Recycle Bin

2. Right-click on the deleted file and click "Restore" to recover deleted FH files.

Click Restore Recycle Bin

Tip 2. Recover Deleted FH Files from Previous Versions

If you have enabled system restore in Windows, you can restore previous versions of files or folders even if the Recycle Bin has been emptied.

1. Open File Explorer/This PC and locate the folder containing the deleted files.

2. Right-click on the folder, select "Properties," and then choose "Previous Version."

3. Select the desired previous version of the folder and click "Restore" to recover the deleted files in Windows.

Previous Version Restore

In Conclusion

Accidental deletion of Adobe FreeHand files can be a troublesome issue, but FH file recovery can be easy with the help of the right data recovery tool. Employ an effective data recovery program like MyRecover to help you now.

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