Data Recovery: Accidentally Deleted SanDisk Secure Access

This post introduces how to restore files from accidentally deleted SanDisk Secure Access. There are two options for you two choose from: reinstall SanDisk Secure Access and restore the files from your backup & use a professional data recovery tool. Read on to get the detailed steps!


By Hester / Updated on April 2, 2024

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What happens if I delete SanDisk Secure Access?


Hello, I'm new to flash drives. To get rid of all the pictures that are going to flood my hard drive, I recently purchased some SanDisk Ultra flash drives. I discovered a program called Secure Access. What does it serve? What happens if I remove SanDisk Secure Access?”

- Question from SanDisk Forum

Sandisk Secure Access

SanDisk Secure Access is a complimentary data encryption and password protection application that allows users to protect their precious files in the private vault.

Deleting Secure Access software will erase all encrypted data saved in the Secure Access vault. It usually happens that users accidentally deleted SanDisk Secure Access. If you encountered the same problem, don’t worry, we will guide you on how to recover files from the accidentally deleted SanDisk vault.

How to recover files from accidentally deleted SanDisk Secure Access [2 options]

Here are two options for you to recover files from accidentally deleted SanDisk Secure Access: restore files from SanDisk Secure Access backup or use a professional recovery tool.

If you didn’t back up your vault before, we recommend you skip to option 2 to solve the problem.

Option 1. Restore files from SanDisk Secure Access backup

Secure Access backup feature creates an encrypted copy of your vault on your computer. If you accidentally deleted SanDisk vault, you can restore the data from your backup resources.

Tips: This method is also available when you want to recover deleted files from the vault. But you have to notice it will restore the whole backed-up vault at once and replace the current target vault. Please make sure your vault is empty or save all files to another location before proceeding.

Step 1. Re-download and reinstall the latest SanDisk Secure Access. Create a new empty vault and log in.

Sandisk Secure Access Login

Step 2. From the upper toolbar, click Tools > Restore Data.

Sandisk Secure Access Restore Data

Step 3. Select the vault to restore from the backup and click Next.

  • USB Flash Drive: Restoring backup files to the same vault
  • Other unlisted vault: Restoring files to a new vault or new flash drive 

Secure Access Select Vault

Step 4. Select the backup resource you want to restore and click Next.

Secure Access Select Backup

Step 5. Enter the password that was used to make the backup and click Next.

Secure Access Enter Password

Step 6. Click Restore and wait for the recovery process to complete.

Secure Access Restore

Step 7. When you receive the following message, click Close, and then you can access the vault again to check the recovered files.

Secure Access Success Restore

Option 2. Recover files with professional recovery tool

If you don’t have any backup of the files, try the professional Windows recovery tool MyRecover.

It allows you to recover data from accidentally deleted SanDisk Secure Access safely and quickly with only 3 easy steps.
It offers complete solutions to all kinds of data loss issues. MyRecover can be quite beneficial no matter how you lost your data—accidental deletion, partition formatting, etc.
It can identify a variety of file types. Regardless of what you lost—texts, images, videos, compressed data, etc. You are able to get them back in their original form.

Let’s walk through how this tool can help you to recover files from SanDisk Secure Access.

Download Software Windows 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step 1. Open the software and plug in your SanDisk flash drive if your files were stored in it. Hover the mouse over the disk and click Scan.

Select Formatted External Hard Drive to Scan

Step 2. Then the software will scan your hard drive quickly and deeply, and you will see the list of files. You can find your target file accurately by entering the file name in the upper search box.

Scanning External Hard Drive

Step 3. Select all the target files, and click Recover x files to have them recovered.

Select Files to Recover rom External Hard Drive

Bonus tip: How to backup files with SanDisk Secure Access

Performing SanDisk secure access backup can help you avoid losing data again.

Step 1. Open the program, and click Tools > Options.

Secure Access Options

Step 2. Under Backup options, select the Backup location and confirm your desired options.

Application Data:
C:\Users\Local User\Appdata\Local\ENC Security Systems BV\SanDiskSecureAccess\Backup
My Documents:
C:\Users\Local User\My Documents\SanDiskSecureAccess\Backup

Secure Access Backup Location

Step 3. Click Tools > Backup Data from the upper toolbar to back up your vault files.

Secure Access Backup Data

Step 4. Wait for the backup to finish until you see the below message.

Secure Access Backup Done

FAQs about SanDisk Secure Access recovery

💬Q1: How to recover missing SanDisk Secure Access files?

You can carry out the recovery process if files from your SanDisk Secure Access are missing. You can either use MyRecover or the SanDisk Secure Access Vault's default restoration technique. Both will successfully retrieve your lost files.

💬Q2: Can I get my lost SanDisk vault passwords back?

SanDisk Vault utilizes 256-bit AED encryption to secure the files. Therefore, it is difficult to open or crack the SanDisk Vault. There is no way to access the SanDisk Vault if you forget the password. Neither a password recovery option nor a password forgetting option exist. Therefore, there is no other way to access the encrypted data.

💬Q3: Any practical solutions to stop data loss?

Despite being a wonderful place to keep your data, SanDisk Secure Access has the danger of not having any backups of crucial files. You have to perform the backup. If you need to backup too many files, try software like AOMEI Backupper.

The bottom line

This post introduces how to recover data from accidentally deleted SanDisk Secure Access. If you perform the built-in backup & restore feature, then you can reinstall the program and restore your backup files. If not, MyRecover can solve your problem.

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