(2 Easiest Ways) WD My Cloud Home Auto Backup PC

If you are still looking for the best way to automatically backup PC to WD My Cloud, then you can’t miss this step-by-step guide.


by Clytze Updated on October 25, 2022

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User case


How do I backup my PC to WD My Cloud?

Hey all!

Has anyone figured out how to do a backup from a Western Digital My Cloud Drive (networked drive) to PCs or Macs? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- Question from 2BrightSparks

Overview of WD My Cloud Home

My Cloud Home, a private cloud storage device from Western Digital with an emphasis on smart home users, allows you to connect the device to smart wireless devices in your home and serve as a home storage center for convenient data transfer and sharing. It backs up your photos, videos and files and stores them in one place.

There are currently two versions of this product - single and dual drive, with 3T, 6T, and 8T single drive storage capacity, and it's available in capacities ranging from 4T, 12T, 16T, and 20T dual drive capacity for users to choose from. With the My Cloud Home app or cloud website, you can access, upload, and share your content from anywhere with an internet connection.

WD My Cloud Home Auto Backup PC


To save your critical files or data to WD Cloud to prevent data loss, in this article, I’ve presented 2 easiest ways to backup PC to My Cloud Home. Move on to get more detailed information and the stepwise guide to complete the task.

How to backup PC to My Cloud Home

In the following part, you are provided with 2 easy ways to backup PC to your My Cloud Home. You can use its built-in desktop app, or ask help from a third-party tool. Let’s check them in turn to figure out which method suits you most.

WD My Cloud backup Windows 10 files using its desktop app

With the My Cloud Home desktop app, you can access, upload, and share your content from anywhere with an internet connection. Follow the steps below to install and set up the app to complete WD My Cloud auto backup Windows 10 files.

1. Download WD Discovery via the Western Digital website, and install the software by following the simple installation wizard.

Get Desktop App

2. After the desktop app installs the Allow Analytics screen will display. Select either Allow or Don't Allow.

3. Next, log in with your My Cloud Home account information.

Create Your My Cloud Home Account

4. When prompted, choose the OPEN IN EXPLORER or OPEN IN BROWSER option to view the My Cloud Home device.

5. Then access the location on your Windows system that will be included in this copy process.

6. Click on the file or folder to drag-and-drop, and hold down the mouse button.

7. Drag the file or folder to the new location and let go of the mouse button thus your file or folder should copy or move from your PC to My Cloud.

Drag and Drop Files

Note: With the My Cloud Home desktop app, the drag-and-drop process can be reversed, and content can be moved from the My Cloud Home device to a personal computer.

According to many WD My Cloud Home users, the efficiency of using this software for backup can be a concern, basically they report slow access and backup speed, and poor sense of usage.

Auto backup PC to WD My Cloud Home with third-party tool

When it comes to the best backup software, AOMEI Backupper Standard is able to stand out from many other products in its field. As an all-in-one utility, it has many powerful features as well as an easy-to-use interface that does not require technical support. With its help, you can benefit from:

✦Various backup types: It offers four backup types: System Backup, Disk Backup, Partition Backup, and File/Folder Backup. You can backup Windows 11 using the System Backup feature.
✦Multiple backup destinations: It allows you to backup to a local disk, cloud services, external drives, USB flash drive, NAS device, etc.
✦Automatic backup: It can support you to run a backup at frequencies as daily, weekly, or monthly.
✦Support Windows editions: It supports Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP. For Windows Server users, try AOMEI Backupper Server.

Follow the instructions below to complete WD My Cloud PC backup. Just download AOMEI Backupper to have a try now.

Download FreewareWin11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Launch this freeware, select Backup then System Backup to backup the whole system data.

System Backup

Step 2. The program will select the system partition(s) automatically. Just select Add Share or NAS Devices from the drop-down menu of the second bar to store your backup image.

Add Share or NAS Devices

Step 3. Under the Add Share or NAS Devices window, type the IP address of My Cloud Home to add the device and then select a shared folder on it as the destination place to store the backup.

Type Network Path

Step 4. For automatic backup your PC, you need to enable Schedule Backup option on the left bottom. According to your needs, you can choose daily, weekly, monthly, event triggers or USB plug in. (The last two modes are available in Professional version.)

Schedule Settings

Enable other settings:
: You can write comments for your task and set an email notification.
Backup Scheme: It allows you to do Incremental and Differential backup. Both of them can improve your backup efficiency, but incremental backup is more demanding to restore and it is recommended that you choose differential backup. Also, it can help remove old backup images automatically to free up storage space. (available in paid version)

Step 5. Confirm your settings, then click Start Backup to complete the progress.

Start Backup to NAS


You can complete WD My Cloud Home auto backup PC using its desktop app or the third-party tool – AOMEI Backupper. I hope each of them can help you protect your data securely and effectively.

As an all-in-one professional backup and restore software, AOMEI Backupper offers you many powerful features. Such as, you can backup computer to cloud free, or restore Windows 11 taskbar under its help. It can be your best choice to safeguard your data, please give it a try!

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