Prime Lexar Recovery Software for Lexar Data Recovery

March 12, 2019

This page introduces prime Lexar recovery software for Lexar data recovery and offers a powerful backup utility to strengthen Lexar data protection.

The problem: files on Lexar USB drive are lost

Lexar JumpDrive enjoys great popularity among computer users for its exceptional durability, fast data transfer and strong compatibility. There are different kinds of Lexar USB drives designed for specific purposes. For example, you can use your fingerprint to protect your files on Lexar JumpDrive F35, and you can tether the drive to a key ring with a convenient key chain hole on Lexar JumpDrive V40.

Fantastic as Lexar flash drives are, you are still likely to lose data on them as a result of accidental deletion, virus attack, drive format error, etc. One user encountered such situation and asked for help in the forum:

“Hello all,

I searched the site, but couldn't find anything directly about recovering files that have been deleted off a USB Flash drive. I've got a USB Lexar 256MB key chain drive. Any way to recover files off something like this? The drive is FAT.”

How to recover files on a Lexar USB drive? Please read on.

Prime Lexar recovery software for Lexar data recovery

To recover deleted/lost files from Lexar flash drives, you will need professional Lexar recovery software. Recoverit Pro comes to help. It enables you to recover lost files from all kinds of Lexar USB drives easily and effectively. All types of data can be retrieved, such as videos, pictures, documents, audio files, emails and so on. Follow the guidance below to recover lost files on a Lexar USB drive using Recoverit:

1. Connect the Lexar USB drive to a Windows PC or Mac and make sure it is detected.

2. Install and run Recoverit. Select the “External Devices Recovery” mode to start.

External Devices Recovery

3. Select the Lexar USB drive and click “Start” to scan for lost data.

Select External Device

4. Wait for the scanning process to be finished. Tick the files you want to retrieve and click “Recover”. After your needed files are recovered, safely disconnect your Lexar USB drive.


  • If you cannot find your lost files, you can go to deep scan with “All-Around Recovery” mode which will search more files from the Lexar USB drive and consequently consume more time.

  • Please save all recovered data to another safe storage media to avoid data loss again.

Strengthen Lexar data protection with a powerful backup utility

As you may keep your personal information, financial records, or other crucial data on your Lexar USB drive, you should resort to an advanced security solution to protect your essential files against corruption, loss, and deletion. A scheduled backup is what you need.

AOMEI Backupper Professional provides you with comprehensive backup solutions. It offers you four types of backup: System Backup, Disk Backup, Partition Backup, and File Backup, which can meet your different needs. You can set your backup tasks to run automatically with the Schedule feature. There are six modes available: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Event triggers, USB plug in and Real-time sync.

If you choose “USB plug in”, the program will run the task automatically once you plug-in your USB drive. All Windows PC operating systems like Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP are supported. Learn how to perform a scheduled backup for a Lexar USB drive in detail below:

1. Connect the Lexar USB drive to a Windows PC and make sure it is detected.

2. Install and run AOMEI Backupper. Click Backup on the left pane and select Disk Backup.

Disk Backup

3. Click Step 1 to select the Lexar USB drive as the source disk to be backed up.

Select Source Disk

4. Click Step 2 to select the destination path to save the image file.

Select Destination Path

5. Tick Schedule in the bottom. In the pop-up window, select USB plug in from the drop-down list. You can choose to run the task one time every day or not and click OK.

Schedule Settings

6. Click Start Backup to run the backup. After the backup task is finished, safely disconnect your Lexar USB drive.

Start Backup

>> Backup Options: you can encrypt, compress and split your backup images based on your needs.

>> Scheme: it will delete old image files automatically to save disk space for you.

Note: The next time when you want to recover files on a Lexar USB drive, just try disk restore and you can get your files back in a short time


Recoverit, the prime Lexar recovery software, can help you with Lexar USB data recovery. It also works for Lexar SD card data recovery. To strengthen data protection for Lexar drives, you should run a scheduled backup with AOMEI Backupper. In addition to the backup & recovery feature, AOMEI Backupper is capable of disk clone. You can use it to achieve Samsung Data Migration multiple partitions clone.