By Delia / Last update October 23, 2019

WhyBackup NAS?

NAS devices offers flexible network-based storage to home users and small businesses. It is usually used for data sharing. All individuals within a company are allowed to share their data at the same time by accessing remote NAS devices. So it is dangerous to store the data only on the NAS. If NAS comes across any problem, your data would loss. So backup NAS is essential for every user.

How toChoosea BackupSoftware to NAS

When you make a choice on which backup software you use to backup NAS, you need to consider several factors. You must worry about the utilities of the backup software whether it is efficient or not on the first place. Besides, you must have thought about the cost - time, money and energy. That means the backup software must be an easy to use application which is time-saving and energy-saving, and it does not cost too much money. Which one is the best backup software to NAS?

AOMEI Backupper can meet all your requirements. It is a backup software which include a standard range of backup services . Besides, even a freshman for a computer user can easily learn how to operate it. What’s worth mentioned is that it is a freeware, you just need download the freeware and get to use it without paying for it.

How to backup NAS using AOMEI Backupper?

Let me show you the detail steps of using AOMEI Backupper to backup NAS. We choose an external hard drive as the backup location for instance. We use the file backup as the example.

Step1. Download AOMEI Backupper, install it. Plug the external hard drive into the computer using an available USB port. Launch AOMEI Backupper. Click File Backup under the Backup option.

File Backup

Step2. Enter a Task Name for your backups to make a distinction. Select Add Folders, choose Share/NAS to add your NAS. you just need to input IP address, username and password to find your files which you need to backup.

Share NAS

Step3. Click Add share or NAS devices, then you just need to input IP address, username and password to find your files which you need to backup.

IP Address

Step4. Then choose the location, here it is an external hard drive “F:\”.

Choose Location

Step5. Confirm all of your settings is correct, and click the Start Backup to begin the backup. Select the Finish button to end the operation.


•Plug your external hard drive into computer for preparing backups before you open AOMEI Backupper, or you need to restart or refresh the software to detect the device.

•If you want to backup your NAS at a regular basis, try to create a schedule backup for your backups.

•Do not extract the external hard drive before you confirm the backups exist in it.