3 Fixes: Windows Server 2022 Slow Performance

How to solve Windows Server 2022 slow performance? Try to solve this problem through the 3 ways provided by this article so as to optimize Windows Server 2022 performance.


By Miya Updated on November 30, 2023

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Why Windows Server 2022 Slow Performance Occur?

User feedback indicates that Windows Server 2022 performance optimization is accurate. What then is causing the poor performance of your Windows Server 2022? The following are the most typical causes:

  • To cut down on power usage, switch on power saving mode.
  • Using memory excessively
  • Excessive CPU utilization stemming from concurrently running numerous large apps
  • Slow performance is the result of high network utilization.
  • An excessive amount of spam documents take up hard drive space.
  • Contaminated by malware or viruses
  • Inadequate disk space on the system
  • Too sluggish of a network connection
  • Out-of-date drivers for devices

Next we will provide three ways to teach you how to fix Windows Server 2022 Slow Performance issues. Please choose any of the methods according to your preference!

How to Fix Windows Server 2022 Slow Performance

If you are experiencing issues with Windows Server 2022's poor performance, you can attempt each of the following solutions one at a time. Think you can work through it with at least one of them, and they work well for Windows Server performance tweaking. These techniques also work for Windows Server 2019's sluggish performance.

Method 1. Examine And Terminate Any Unused Background Apps

The amount of apps that memory can open is constrained, particularly when using several large programs at once. This typically causes memory obstruction, which further reduces server speed and performance in general. As a result, to conserve memory when experiencing slow performance on Windows Server 2022, make sure to examine and terminate any background apps that aren't necessary.

1. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+ESC. Select the Processes tab to see CPU and memory utilization.

2. Select Memory and CPU, respectively, and sort the list of resources used by decreasing order.

3. Select End task by right-clicking on the programs that are being used a lotto solve Windows Server 2022 slow SMB performance.


Method 2. Clean the Disk

A server with insufficient disk storage space will operate slowly and forcefully close any open applications. Consequently, it's essential to clear your disk on a regular basis in order to remove superfluous temporary files, which can also help with Windows Server 2022's slow performance.

1. To locate the disk you intend to wipe, press Windows+E to launch File Explorer (first select the system disk).

2. Select Properties from the expanded menu by performing a right-click on the disk.

3. Select Disk cleanup from the general tab window.

4. Select Downloaded Program Files, DirectX Shader Cache, Temporary Internet Files, and so forth based on your actual situation. Click OK after that.


Method 3. Examine And Remove Malware And Viruses

Similar to PCs, servers are susceptible to malware and virus attacks. The Windows Defender firewall should promptly and thoroughly scan any programs that are using a lot of resources. While Windows Defender can be helpful, we strongly advise you to install a more capable and experienced third-party anti-virus program and update the virus database frequently to prevent viruses and malware from infecting the server. This will also help address Windows Server 2022 RDS slow performance.

1. Type Windows security into the search field by pressing Windows + S.

2. Select Virus & threat protection from the Windows security window.

3. Select Full scan under Scan options in the Current threats section, then click Scan now.


These are all the three ways to teach you how to fix Windows Server 2022 Slow Performance. Please choose any of the methods according to your preference! Whatever method you choose, you need to realize the importance of backup.

It helps you to quickly roll back to the previous normal version of your system in case of problems. Follow this guide now to provide a complete data protection for your Windows Server 2022 OS after solving Windows Server 2022 Standard slow performance!

Auto Backup Your Windows Server 2022 to Protect Data

You can select expert server backup software to assist you in escaping the challenging backup procedure. Selecting AOMEI Backupper Server is a wise move. With its user-friendly UI and straightforward operation, even a novice user may effortlessly backup his Windows Server 2022. It also offers the following benefits.

✍Four fallback options: You may backup anything you desire with its support for system, disk, partition, and file backups.
✍Plan an automatic backup: Setting up scheduled backups at predetermined times is simple. As a result, you can use USB plug-ins, event triggers, and weekly, daily, or monthly Windows Server backups.
Differential and incremental backups can help you conserve space since, in contrast to full backups, they will only backup the modified portions.
✍Various backup plans: By eliminating outdated backups, backup plans can help you free up more disk space.
✍Several backup target locations with the use of this software, you may backup Windows Server 2022 to a variety of locations, including network shares, USB drives, external hard drives, and local disks.
✍Different operating systems: It works with every Windows PC version in addition to every Windows Server version.

Then, in just a few easy steps, you may set an automatic backup of Windows Server 2022 by following the graphic tutorial below.

Step 1. Download, install, and launch AOMEI Backupper Server. Click Backup > System Backup after that.

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System Backup

Step 2 involves choosing the destination for your system backup, with the default selection of relevant system partitions.

Schedule Backup

Step 3. Navigate to the lower left corner and click on Schedule Backup. Then, enable the Enable Schedule Backup option to configure automatic backups for Windows Server 2022. Tailor your preferences by selecting from options such as daily, weekly, monthly, event triggers, or USB plugin backups.

▶To implement incremental or differential backup, simply navigate to the left side of this page and click on Backup Scheme, then adjust the backup method according to your preferences.
▶Consider enabling the Automatic Backup Cleanup feature, which efficiently removes older backups to optimize disk space usage.

Schedule Weekly

Step 4. Validate your actions and select Start Backup to initiate the scheduling of automatic backups for Windows Server 2022.

Tip: Beyond the Schedule and Scheme options mentioned earlier, the Options menu offers additional backup features. You have the ability to add comments to your backup, encrypt the Windows Server 2022 backup file, split it, compress it, and configure email notifications.

Enable Backup Scheme


If you're grappling with the sluggish performance of Windows Server 2022 and seeking solutions, carefully review the three methods outlined in this article to solve Windows Server 2022 slow performance. Try them sequentially to identify the most effective one for restoring your server to its former efficiency. Prioritizing data protection is crucial for users, and this article also guides you on the optimal way to schedule automatic backups for Windows Server 2022 using AOMEI Backupper.

Moreover, for comprehensive protection across multiple PCs and servers within your company, consider leveraging AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus. This solution not only provides unlimited billable technical services for clients but also facilitates the creation of a portable version by copying the installation directory. Explore additional functionalities by downloading the software.

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