How Windows 11 Moves App to Another Desktop

In this guide, you will learn how to make Windows 11 move app to another desktop. You can use virtual desktops on Windows 11 to organize and separate your work. Read on if you're interested.


By Miya Updated on October 31, 2023

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Why Need Multiple Desktops on Windows 11?

The ability to create and access multiple desktops at the same time is a great tool for Windows 11 users. This allows you to organize and group your tasks in a more meaningful way, helping you to be a little more productive. Typically, when you have only one monitor, this is a handy feature to expand the real state of your screen.

However, even if you have a multi-monitor setup, you can use the desktop to create different virtual spaces to separate your work, personal, and gaming areas. Below I will give you details on how to create multiple desktops in Windows 11 and move app to another screen/desktop to group your tasks on different virtual spaces for better organization and efficiency.

Complete Guide of Windows 11 Move App to Another Desktop

If you want to move the app to another desktop on Windows 11, you need to create another desktop first. You'll find a step-by-step guide below, or you can jump directly to the section you want to refer to.

  1. Hover the cursor over the Task View icon in the Taskbar and you will find the currently active desktop mentioned as ‘Desktop 1’ (unless you have renamed it) and an option to create a ‘New desktop’. Click on the option to create a new virtual desktop.

New Desktop Windows 11

🎉 Quick note: You can use Windows 11 switch desktop shortcut ‘Windows + Tab’ keyboard to access the new desktop window. Repeat this step to create as many desktops as you need.

  1. Then you can click the Task View button and right-click the desktop and select the Rename option to give a name to your new desktop.


  1. To move apps to another desktop on Windows 11, click the Task View button. Right-click the app and select the Move to submenu.

Move To

  1. Select the desktop to which you want to send the application. In the Task View, you can also drag and drop the application to the desktop you want.

Move App to Another Desktop

✨ Tip: you can also show an app to all desktops. Click the Task View button. Right-click the app and select the Show this window on all desktops option.

Show This Window on All Desktops

The above is how to make Windows 11 move app to another desktop. Windows 11 has many new features that are worth experiencing. For example, the new Start menu folder that groups applications, the new Task Manager with a modern interface, the new Voice Access feature to control devices with your voice, and much more.

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System Backup

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Select Destination Path

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That’s all about Windows 11 move app to another desktop. You can now access the app from the virtual desktop it has been moved to. What’s more, it is suggested to backup your OS with AOMEI Backupper so that you can recover from serious system errors. Besides the backup and restore features, AOMEI Backupper enables you to clone SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD to another SSD and automatically sync folders between two computers. Try it now to discover more!

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