Secure Erase SSD on Windows 11: Simple, Unrecoverable

In this essay, you are able to master the most secure way to erase an SSD so that it can never be recovered. Read on to learn more detailed information and steps.


By Clytze Updated on October 25, 2022

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How do I wipe my SSD on Windows 11?

Hi everyone, I have to return a faulty XPS 15 under warranty for replacement but before sending it back, I would like to fully delete all data from the SSD. I have stored sensitive information on the SSD and I want to completely delete all data from the SSD with no way for anyone to retrieve any data from said SSD. I know that when we delete files on Windows, they are actually not deleted from the SSD, it's only deindexed and will be deleted only when something overwrites it. How can I fully delete all data from SSD before returning it to the manufacturer? Thanks.

- Question from ElevenForum

Secure Erase SSD on Windows 11

Differences between delete, format, erase

Before you learn how to wipe an SSD on Windows 11, firstly you should figure out what the difference is between delete, format, and erase.

Deleting a file on an SSD only removes the file index, the data itself remains on the SSD. So the file locations are not overwritten and can be recovered with the support of some professional techniques.

Formatted SSDs only have the address of the directory where the data is stored, not the file itself. Data recovery is also possible with the help of professional data recovery software.

Erase as the name implies is to cover the original data through the method of rewriting, the more times the data is rewritten basically there is no way to be recovered.

In a word, if you want to completely wipe an SSD, it is not enough to format, reset the PC or delete a partition under Windows. You need to seek a third-party disk wiper to perform a complete wipe.

Reasons for secure erase SSD on Windows 11

Here is a list of some of the possible intentions of people wanting to erase SSDs.

Reselling SSD. One of the preparations you need to make before reselling your SSD is to erase all the data on it, which will prevent others from accessing your sensitive files and avoid data leakage.

For reuse. Clean up an SSD in order to install an operating system, use it as a game drive, or as a second data drive, etc.

Eliminate viruses or malware from your SSD. If your SSD is infected with a virus or malware, you may want to restore it to a safe state by securely wiping the device.

Free up storage space. Be aware that deletions only keep files from being retrieved, but they still take up memory. A complete erase is required to free up storage space for other data material.

No matter what your reason is, the best disk wiper that will be introduced in the next section can easily meet your intentions. Let’s read on to learn how to erase an SSD via the best SSD secure erase software.

Preparations before performing SSD erasing

Before you erase an SSD, you need to pay attention to the following important points.

Connect your prepared SSD to your computer and make it detectable.
Before performing a secure erase of the SSD, close all other applications to prevent the process from failing due to the program running.
Since the data on SSD will be permanently overwritten and unrecoverable after completely wiping, you'd better backup the important files inside in advance.
The frequency of erasing the SSD should be controlled appropriately, too frequent operations will shorten the life of the SSD and the usage rate will be greatly reduced.

The most secure way to erase an SSD with best disk wipe tool

When it comes to the best disk wipe tool, it should be AOMEI Backupper Professional. It stands out from the multitude of similar products thanks to its reliable and efficient features, simple pages, and the fact that even if you are a novice you can easily erase your SSD and permanently unrecover the data on it in a few steps.

It is designed for Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP systems. You can use it to wipe many SSD types like SATA, NVMe, PCIe, M.2, U.2, etc. and different SSD brands such as Crucial, Intel, Samsung, Western Digital, Integral etc. In addition to SSDs, you are allowed to wipe external hard drives, USB drives, SD cards or wipe free space on Windows 11.

Now, I will show you the detailed instructions for wiping an SSD on Windows 11 in just a few clicks. You can tap the button below to download this best SSD secure erase tool on your computer, install and launch it to have a try.

Download Free TrialWin11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Click Tools in the left tab, and then select the Disk Wipe tool.

Disk Wipe

Step 2. You are prompted to select a desired wiping type in the Wiping Type window, select Wipe disk here and click Next to proceed.

Tip: Wipe Partitions or unallocated space on the disk: if you choose this option, the selected partition or unallocated space on the disk will be deleted and all its sectors will be wiped. The data will not be restored after wiping.

Wipe Disk

Step 3. Select the target SSD that you want to erase, then click Next.

Select Disk

Step 4. Under the page Wiping Method, choose Fill sectors with Zero (Safe, Quick), and tap Start to wipe the SSD.

Wipe Method

» If you want to erase hard drive more thoroughly, you can use the other three wiping methods - Fill sectors with random dataDoD 5220.22-M, or Gutmann.
» The tool currently does not support wiping dynamic disks.


Now we come to the end of how to secure erase SSD on Windows 11 with the best disk wipe tool – AOMEI Backupper Professional. Under its professional help, once you use it to wipe an SSD, the sensitive data on it can never be recovered. It can really be the best SSD secure erase software for you.

Besides, it is the best data backup & restore solution for not only Windows but also Windows Servers. Once the Windows Server 2012 end of life reaches, you can backup your Server 2019 for a rescue measure in case of data corruption or loss due to system failure. With so many remarkable features, you will never regret choosing AOMEI Backupper as your data protection solution!

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