Perform Alienware Factory Reset Windows 11 in Top 3 Ways

You can factory reset your Alienware via 3 useful ways, form settings, from boot, and via AOMEI OneKey recovery tool.


By Maggie Updated on September 18, 2023

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Need to factory reset your Alienware computer

Alienware is an American computer hardware company that is a part of Dell, Inc. As its name suggests, Alienware specializes in designing and manufacturing computers with a distinctive alien-themed design, primarily catering to gamers and gaming enthusiasts.


If you wish to bring your computer back to its initial or factory state, a factory reset is the solution. It wipes out all installed programs and drivers, reverting settings to their original defaults. To get an Alienware factory reset Windows 11, there may be various advantages:

▶Freeing up drive space and optimizing computer performance, especially when there are unnecessary apps consuming disk space and utilizing processing power.
▶To prevent potential data leaks, performing a factory reset Alienware laptop is crucial before selling your machine to others.
▶Reinstalling the operating system can resolve various software-related problems on a computer, whether it's experiencing sluggish performance or has been infected with malware.
▶Also when you can't remember your password even after scratching your head, you can back your computer to its original.

Things you need to do before factory reset your Alienware computer

As previously discussed, a factory reset returns your machine to its initial state, erasing all your data, including programs, files, and settings. Therefore, it's vital to backup Alienware laptop before proceeding the next procedure.

How do I factory reset my Alienware computer?

Windows 11 provides various methods to reset your Dell Alienware to its original settings, you can factory reset perform an Alienware factory reset from boot or simply from the Settings App. Additionally, you can use advanced third-party software, like AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

Way 1. Factory reset Alienceware from Settings

If your goal is to completely wipe your device, there's a straightforward solution available. You can utilize the built-in utility in your Alienware laptop to reset it from the settings menu.

Step 1. Open your Start menu and navigate to Settings > System > Recovery.

Step 2. On the Recovery page, click on Reset PC next to Reset this PC.

Step 3. Now the new window pops up. You can see 2 options in the Choose an option window. Please click on Remove everything.

Remove Everything

Step 4. Then you just choose one option according to the prompt info you need.

Choose One Option

Step 5. In the next notice window, click Reset to continue the process. You need to wait for a while to finish this execution.

Way 2. Factory reset Alienceware from boot

The previous method is workable if you log in to your account. However, if you forget the password, how to factory reset Alienware laptop without password? you can factory it from boot instead.

Step 1. Start your computer and hold down the power button to shut down your computer completely when you see the start-up logo screen. Repeat twice and then start normally to enter the Windows recovery environment.

Step 2. Then enter Troubleshoot to select Reset this PC.

Step 3. Then you can choose Remove everything under the Reset this PC option.

Remove Everything

Step 4. Choose a way to reinstall your Windows 11 after resetting.

Reinstall Windows

Step 5. You can choose Fully clean the drive if you want to factory set your Alienware laptop.

Fully Clean the Drive

Step 6. Confirm your settings and choose Reset to execute the operation.


Way 3. Factory reset Alienceware via best OneKey Recovery software

A trusted and reliable backup and recovery software like AOMEI OneKey Recovery can also perform Alienware factory reset Windows 10. Once you made an AOMEI OneKey Recovery system backup when you get this PC at the first time, it can help you return backup to the original state in an easy and quick way.

Here is the graphical tutorial to use this efficient software. Please follow the below instructions:

Download OKRWindows Servers & PCs
Secure Download

Step 1. Download AOMEI OneKey Recovery, then install and launch it. Then, you just need to click OneKey System Recovery.

OKR Recovery

Step 2. Tick the first option if you were to backup to AOMEI OneKey Recovery partition. Then, click Next.

Restore from

★Note: If you create Alience OneKey Recovery to new hard drive or other external devices, you need to tick the second option. Please remember to connect the disk that will contain the image to your computer in advance.

Step 3. The whole system will be overwritten, and you can click Start Restore to restore your computer to factory settings.

Confirm Restore

★Note: AOMEI OneKey Recovery works only when your computer runs smoothly or it is slightly damaged. AOMEI Backupper Standard, which can meet the same goals via its System Restore and can run normally even though the system fails completely.


Alienware factory reset Windows 11 can be performed directly from settings, from boot if you forget the password and reliable OneKey Recovery software. Also, you can utilize AMEI Backupper to backup C drive on your Windows 11 PC and restore it anytime you need.

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