By Lily / Last update December 13, 2021

Backup network shared files in Windows 10 is important

Computer users all know that there are many situations would cause data loss, like software or hardware failures, human errors, laptop stolen, or other unexpected disasters. Because of those bad situations, file backup is important for users, and most of users always backup files on computer to keep the data safe.

Some users try to store files on network drive in case of hard drive failures. However, you have to face the problem that the network shared files are still at the risk of losing. Thus, it is necessary to backup network shared files in Windows 10/8/7.

Network backup solutions

How to backup network shared files in Windows 10? To keep the data safe, users always backup network shared files to local hard drive or external hard drive, etc. Here, we can learn to use the best network backup software AOMEI Backupper to help you backup network shared files to a local hard drive, NAS, DVD/CD, USB flash drive, or other external hard drive with simple steps. But first, you need to choose where to backup your network files. Here we take an example of backing up network files to a local hard drive.

Step1. Install and launch AOMEI Backupper. Select File Backup under Backup tab.

File Backup

Step2.Then, you will go to the window where to backup files/folders. The Step1 and Step2 is for you to select the files/folders on the network drive you want to backup and the destination you would like store the backup image. First, click Add File (or Add Folder).

Add File

It will pop out a window. Select Share/NAS at the left side.

Share NAS

Then, you will move to the window of Share/NAS Management. Click Add share or NAS deice. In the pop out window, type the name of your NAS device or type the Share or NAS path to add share or NAS device. Click OK.


Then, you can choose the files (or folders) you wan to backup. You can select multiple files and folders by following the steps we mentioned above.

After choosing the files (or folders) to backup, you should Click Step2 to select where to backup network shared files in Windows 10, and here we back it up to the local E:\ drive.

Step3.Finally, you can click Start Backup to submit all operations.

Start Backup

Actually, you can set up more for your backup before clicking Start Backup. For example, you can add a comment for you backup, or encrypt the files to save storage place in Backup Options. AOMEI Backupper also provides you backup files scheduled. You can set up an automatic file backup in Windows 10 with the Schedule utility, or choose to do a full backup or incremental/differential backup here. Besides, you can use AOMEI Backupper to restore files from backup if you need.

Tips: AOMEI has another program called AOMEI Backupper Network which enables you to backup multiple computers over network on one central management console.