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People using laptop computers are constantly in need of effective laptop backup software to keep their personal data in good safety. AOMEI Backupper is the best one for users to back up their laptop.


By Clytze Updated on January 8, 2024

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It is a common experience that people lose their laptop when traveling or doing business in multiple locations or get infected by some evil viruses. In this case, you may have no other way to work it out but suffer a great pain. Then you will think what if there is another file which has the same data and information, that will be much better!

Yes, that is quite true. If you have a laptop backup with some professional backup software before, you will not worry about such things happening any more. Because when you came across the laptop or data loss again, you can use the image file to restore every thing you want. Meanwhile, it will always keep your data in a safe and intact condition. This is very crucial for your important or confidential information.

Then how to back up laptop very easily and simply? Actually, a good laptop backup software can help a lot. And after seeking on the internet and reading many users' reviews, you will find most of them have their limitations like expensive, not very professional, no tech-support and after sales service, no early test before buying, few functions, etc. Don't be disappointed still, for this article will introduce the right one which you want exactly.

Excellent laptop backup software: AOMEI Backupper

Why AOMEI Backupper? It surely has its own uniqueness. As the best and free backup tool for both home and business users, it can satisfy almost all needs of yours.

  • Fast speed and stable procedure: you can find the operation is finished quite efficiently.

  • Beautiful and easy-to-master GUI: you will not have any difficulty in the whole process of backing up and restoring; meanwhile, you will have a good mood all the way for its comfortableness.

  • Multiple types operations to image: full backup, differential and incremental backup to continuously protect your laptop as well as save your time a lot.

  • Humanization operations: split image file and store in several different destinations; compress a large image into a small one to save much space; set password to your crucial file avoiding other malicious invasion; clone drive or disk to upgrade without reinstalling operating system; create a bootable CD to keep data totally safe and restart computer in case the boot failure; and more……

Really, the rewards of this software is too numerous to say them clearly or one by one. All of their magic is waiting for you to discover. Moreover, this is a free program, so you can first feel it in person and then decide whether it is the best choice for you.

The following is the nice GUI, have a look and you will like it very soon. Download and have a try!


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