Why compress an image file?

The more files that need to be backed up, the larger the image file storage space will be. If you need to do regular data backup to ensure data safety, you may also need the function of compression to reduce the storage space of image file. For example, the data on C drive is 20GB, but the image file of C drive just occupies 5GB. That is the magic effect of compression.

Best free backup software you need

AOMEI Backupper provides the function of compressing image files, which includes three levels: None, Normal and High. The option of "Normal" is set as default. You can set the compression level according to your own needs during backup.

  • None: The software will not compress the image file during backup. Its advantage is that the speed of backup and restore is fast, while its disadvantage is that the image file needs more storage space.
  • Normal: It is the recommended compression level. It will compress the data to a normal extent. As for the speed of backup and restore and the storage space of the image file, this level is the best choice. It will not occupy much space or cost much time.
  • High: It will compress the image file to the largest extent. It will cost more time in compression during backup and decompression during restore.

Here come the operating steps. After selecting a backup type ("Partition Backup" as the example), you will enter a setting page.

Partition Backup

After setting the source partition(s) and destination path, you can compress the image file by clicking "Options".

Select Partition

In the pop-up interface, click the "Advanced" option, and there will be three compression level available: None, Normal and High. Select one level and click "OK" to save the settings.


Ideal compression rate has a closely relationship with the file type of the files that need to be backed up. For example, if the type of the files that you backup is all jpg, .mp3, .avi, it is hardly for you to reduce the storage space of the image file even if the selected compression level is "High". But if the type of files that you backup is .txt, .doc, .xls, the compression rate will be much higher.