By AOMEI / Last update September 25, 2020

Backup to DVD/CD

Nowadays, backup to DVD/CD has become very popular because of the technology and the cheap burners. Also, no matter the personal computer or a Server computer, there must be many important data, such as, financial records, photos, documents from school or work, etc. As a result, the method of backup to DVD/CD can play a significant role in data protection. Before creating a backup, there are several suggestions for users.

  • You can employ several DVD/CD to store different backup versions. Thus, even if the burner process fails, you can still use the precious version of backup on another DVD/CD.

  • Remember to test the backed up data regularly.

  • The rewritable DVD/CD has the limitation on burning times. If there are some strange situations, do not ignore this reason.

In order to backup hard drives and system to DVD/CD, a powerful and free tool will be strongly recommended for the users.

Excellent and Free Tool for Backup

As a comprehensive backup tool, AOMEI Backupper possesses many advanced and specially designed features. First, let's see its main interface as below.


Main Functions

Backup: It has three approaches: full backup, incremental backup and differential backup. The latter two ways can help to save a lot of time during the operation process. Also, this function supports compression and encryption as well.

Restore: It consists of two means: restore of equal and changed size. Moreover, this function supports restoring data or partition to an existing partition or unallocated space just based on the users' needs.

Clone: This function includes disk clone and partition clone. And it can clone a partition to another exiting partition or to an unallocated space. About the cloning method, there are two: quick clone and sector-by-sector clone. During the operating process, the feature of "partition alignment" can help to optimize the SSD performance.

Apart from the functions mentioned before, there are as well some others: image file checking, image file explorer, bootable CD, backup hard drives and system to DVD/CD, restore from DVD/CD, etc. You can download this freeware and try its magic functions at once.