Sales FAQs

Is FoneTool completely FREE?
Absolutely yes! It is a freeware for you to use FoneTool to back up or transfer photos, music, videos, contacts, and messages from iPhone to PC.
Can I evaluate before purchasing, or is there a trial version available?
You can use the free edition to experience.
What’s the product delivery policy and is there an invoice?
Real-time delivery. Usually, once your order is processed successfully, the download link, license code and an electronic invoice of the software will be immediately sent to your email.
Do you provide technical support for trial users?
Of course! We provide technical support for every user of our products, including paid products, trial versions and freeware.
What is the upgrade policy?
Minor updates are free. For the major upgrades, you only need to pay a small amount of upgrade fee to enjoy the full set of advantages of later new versions. If you have already purchased "Lifetime Upgrades" before, you can upgrade to the latest version without extra pay in the future.
Can I cancel my order after placing it?
If you haven’t pay yet, you can go to your cart and remove our product. If you already paid, you need to contact us and you can get a refund. For more information, please refer to the Refund Policy.
What’s the refund policy?
We offer 90-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the product you purchased from us, you should notify us within 90 days from the date of the purchase and we will provide you with a full refund. When you request a refund, our customer service representatives may inquire the reason for your refund so we can improve our products and our customer experience.

Technical FAQs

Does FoneTool transfer without Internet?
FoneTool transfers data from iPhone to PC with the following three steps: Firstly, connect your iPhone to PC. Secondly, choose the files you want to transfer and select the destination. Finally, one-click to finish the process. All three steps can be completed without Internet.
Is FoneTool safe to use?
FoneTool uses Apple’s official device support components. Official production guarantees the stability and compatibility of new equipment. As for data security, transferred data is stored on the computer locally. Thus, there is no need to worry about data loss.
Why music and videos cannot be played after restore?

If you backed up music or videos from iTunes Store and find it cannot play anymore, please check the following items:

  • 1. Make sure your Apple ID purchases the Apple Music service.
  • 2. Open Settings on your device, find iTunes & App Store and login to iTunes & App Store with your Apple ID.
  • 3. Restore the Music and Music Videos downloaded from iTunes Store to the device and then you can play them normally
Why Movies and TV shows cannot be played after restore?

If you backed up movies or TV shows from iTunes Store and find it cannot play anymore, please check the following items:

  • 1. Make sure your Apple ID purchases the Movies or TV Shows service.
  • 2. Open Settings on your device, find iTunes & App Store and login to iTunes & App Store with your Apple ID.
  • 3. Restore the Movies and TV Shows downloaded from iTunes Store to the device and then you can play them normally.
Why photos/videos restored on devices below iOS 11 cannot be displayed normally?
Apple has brought us two new media formats "HEVC and HEIF" in iOS 11. In video aspect, HEVC (H.265) is used to replace HEVC (H.264), while HEIF is used to replace JPEG for pictures. Therefore, photos and videos in media format "HEVC and HEIF" are not supported for devices under iOS 11.
Why do I get "AMdeviceSecureStartService failed" error?
During the backup/restore/browse operation of the device, if the current operation is interrupted abnormally for many times and FoneTool has not yet closed the connection with the device, you may encounter the "AMdeviceSecureStartService failed" error when a new operation is performed. To solve the problem, please try restarting FoneTool or the device, and then operate again.
Why can’t I delete some photos directly from iPhone?

Generally, photos shoot via iPhone/iPad/iPod will be saved to Camera Roll of Photos app, which can be deleted directly via the iPhone. However, when syncing photos from computer to iPhone via iTunes or third-party tools(such as FoneTool), they will be saved to Photo Library, which can’t be deleted directly on the iPhone.

If you want to delete photos from Photo Library, you can sync an empty folder from computer to the device via iTunes, so it will overwrite Photo Library with the empty folder to indirectly delete all photos.

Does FoneTool support backing up attachments in SMS?

The current version does not support backup or restore of photos, videos, animoji and other attachments in SMS.

Why FoneTool fails to recognize iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch correctly?

If you connect iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to computer through USB cable, please try the following methods to solve the problem:

  • 1. Try to reconnect the device using the USB cable.
  • 2. Confirm that the USB cable is intact, or try to connect the device with another USB cable.
  • 3. Confirm that the USB port of the PC can be connected normally, or try to connect the device to another USB port.
  • 4. If the device connected to the PC is in locked screen state, please keep the device in unlocked state during the operation.
  • 5. If the connection between the device and PC is normal but the device is still unrecognized, it may because the FoneTool service doesn't detect the device in time, please try to restart FoneTool.

    After the device is connected to the PC via a USB cable, please check whether the driver of the device is installed on the PC if the device cannot be recognized .

  • 6. Normally after connecting, you can try to manually reinstall or update the device driver.

  • 7. If the device is connected normally but FoneTool still cannot recognize the device, please try FoneTool's repair driver function to check whether there is a problem with FoneTool's driver.

  • 8. If the device is connected normally and there is no problem with FoneTool driver, but the device is still unrecognized, please check if the Security Protection or Anti-virus software blocks the program. You can add FoneTool.exe to the whitelist of Protection or Anti-virus software.
  • 9. Check whether FoneTool is the latest version. The previous FoneTool version may not support the new iOS system.
Why can’t I restore some videos to other devices?

With the upgrade of hardware, the resolution of video has reached 4K. If you restore a high-resolution video to an earlier phone model, such as restoring a 4K video taken by iPhone 11 to iPhone 6, the video cannot be restored successfully or the restored video cannot be played.

Does the old version of FoneTool compatible with backups of the new?

The old version FoneTool can't operation backups created by the new version, such as importing and restoring the backup created by the new version of FoneTool.