How to Download Mass Pictures from Google Photos to iPhone?

Want to download mass or all pictures from Google Photos to iPhone at once instead of downloading one by one? Click this article, you will learn two methods to achieve it.


By Dylan / Updated on June 6, 2023

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Can I download mass pictures from Google Photos to iPhone?

“A few days ago, I decided to reset my iPhone, so I uploaded all my photos to Google Photos in advance. Now, I want to get all photos back to my iPhone like I had before the reset. However, there are several thousand photos on Google Photos so I can’t download them one by one. So, I wonder if I can download mass Google photos at once? Any help would be greatly appreciated!”

Google Photos is undoubtedly an amazing service that allows users to backup photos to cloud storage and syncing them over all devices. However, it neglects users' need to download photos, especially mass/all photos, from the service. Though Google Photos app has “Save to device” option for us to move pictures from Google Photos to iPhone, only one photo at a time.

This can be cumbersome for people who want to download multiple photos from the cloud and save them locally on their phones for offline viewing or other tasks. Therefore, what can you do if you need to download mass or all photos from Google Photos to iPhone? Don’t worry, you can follow the methods below.

Method 1: Download mass/all pictures from Google Photos with Google Drive

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Drive app installed on your iPhone.

2. Open Google Drive. Tap the menu at the top left corner and select Google Photos.

3. Select the pictures that you want to get from Google Photos. To select all pictures in Google Photos, tap three dots icon > Select All.

4. Tap Download icon to download the picture to your device.

Download Google Photos

Method 2: Download all pictures from Google Photos with Google Takeout

1. Open Google Takeout in Google Chrome.

2. To download all photos from Google Photos, choose Google Photos. Click Next.

3. You can choose the file type, size to save the Google photos and how you would like to receive the photos.

Google Takeout Create Archive

4. An archive of photos from your Google Photos will be created. Click Download to save all the photos from Google Photos to your computer.

Google Takeout Download Google Photos

5. Connect your iPhone to computer > Run iTunes > Click Photos tab > Check Sync Photos > Select photos you want to sync to iPhone > Click Apply to sync photos to iPhone.

It is important to backup precious photos, videos on the iPhone. However, Google Photos can be very confusing because it doesn't provide a straight-forward way to restore photos from the Google backup. And sometimes, it even can't upload, sync, backup photos for unknown reasons. What’s worse, photos disappear from Google Photos from time to time because of software bugs. In this case, you’d better choose a simpler way to backup your photos on iPhone like using a professional iPhone backup tool-FoneTool.

Backup your photos in an easier way with FoneTool

FoneTool is a free iPhone backup expert for Windows PCs, and it is suitable for most models of iPhone including the latest iPhone 13. With it, you can backup not only photos, but also videos, music, messages, and contacts from iPhone to computer easily and quickly. And with only a few clicks, you can restore the whole or part of backed up files from computer to iPhone directly.

In addition, it has clear interface and user-friendly design, so you can figure it out quickly even for the first time. Now, download this software and follow the steps below to backup photos on your iPhone if needed.

1. Download and launch FoneTool. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and remember to tap Trust This Computer on iPhone.

Download Freeware Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Open FoneTool and click Phone Backup > Choose Selective Backup and click Get Started.


3. If you need to select files in folders, click the icon to enter Selection. After selecting the needed files and click on OK. If you want to backup all your photos, you can click Start Backup directly.

Select Backup Files

When you need to restore the image file to your iPhone, just connect iPhone to your laptop, select the image file in Backup Management, and click the Arrow icon to restore. You could also select wanted files by clicking an icon.




As we can see, download mass/all pictures from Google Photos is a little is bit complicated. Therefore, if you want to back up your photos, it is recommended that you use FoneTool, which is more convenient for restoration. And this software allows you to select files when backup or restore, which is not supported by some other backup tool. Don't hesitate to use it.

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