By Dylan / Last update February 3, 2020

Something about Google Photos that you should know

Google Photos is a photo management application with 15GB free storage. It has features like automatic classification, automatic backup, and conveniently sharing photos. It can automatically classify pictures according to time, load picture content, and also isolate private pictures.

Google Photos is pretty kind to users for it provides unlimited space of photo storage without charging a penny. It’s completely free.

The new Google Photos solves three main problems: search, classification, and cloud storage. Google Photos provides a great search function (which is originally Google’s strength). With the feature image recognition, users can search for related photos by inputting description.

Why choose Google Photos to save photos?

We all know that everything has two sides. Now, let’s make a comparison between Google Photos and iCloud.

◆ Settings: iCloud backs up photos faster than Google Photos for its an iPhone built-in tool and its main advantage is that it doesn’t require you to allow it to access photos. You could just toggle on the option. Google Photos couldn’t perform so well as a third-party software.

◆ Storage: Google Photos provides unlimited free storage space for every Google Photos’ user. Compared with iCloud, it is a huge advantage. With this point, it can become a better choice for many people who have a lot of photos to save.

◆ Application: iCloud has succeeded the strict rule of iOS. You could backup your photos, while you are not allowed to view them on iPhone unless you download them. However, Google Photos allows you to view photos and even search them. If you have such need, Google Photos could be a better choice for those who want to quickly locate photos.

◆ Summary: If you don't have a strong inclination to Apple product, then Google Photos is the one you should choose. First of all, it is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, so even if you change your phone, you don't need to do cumbersome photo transfer. At the same time, Google Photos' powerful features like search, highly intelligent face recognition and photo integration would also bring you convenience. Of course, completely free and unlimited storage are the most attractive place.

How to upload photos from iPhone to Google Photos efficiently?

Storing your photos to Google Photos will let you save iPhone space and keep your photos safe. Read on and learn how to upload photos from iPhone to Google Photos.

In fact, there are two efficient ways to upload photos on your iPhone:

Way 1: Use Google Photos App on your iPhone

Step 1. You should download Google Photos in the app store, install and open it.

App store

Step 2. Now, Google Photos would like to access your Photos, click “OK” to allow it.

do not allow

Step 3. Then you are asked whether you allow Google Photos send you notifications, actually, don’t need to allow it!

Step 4. Then you have two options to choose which image quality to save.

back up & sync

● If you choose “High quality”, you will have free unlimited photos and video storage (Recommend) because Google Photos will compress the files.
● If you choose “Original”, that means you’ll have a storage limit of 15GB as same as iCloud.

Step 5. Finally log in with your Google account. If you don’t have one, you need to create one firstly.

Way 2: Use AOMEI MBackupper to upload the photos from iPhone to Google Photos

AOMEI MBackupper, the newest software from AOMEI Technology, is also a practical and free backup program for iPhone. You just need to download and install it on your Windows computer, connect your iPhone via a USB cable to computer, and then you can enjoy the fast backup speed and convenient operation.

With the help of this software, you don’t need to install the Google Photos on your iPhone. Just log in it on your computer directly. Let’s show you the details.

Step 1. Download and install AOMEI MBackupper. Connect your iPhone with USB cable.

Step 2. Tap “Trust This Computer” on your iPhone, choose the destination to save the data and choose “Custom Backup”, and click “Start Backup”.

backup only photos

Step 3. You would finished backup task within seconds.


Step 4. Then log in Google Photos with your Google account. Click “Upload” in the top right corner. Now you have two options to choose where do you want to upload your photos from. Because I have saved my photos on PC, I should choose “Computer” here.

upload photos

Step 5. Select the folder of backup file, click “open” to choose the photos, and then Google Photos will upload all your selected photos automatically.


You have normally two ways to resolve the problem how to upload photos from iPhone to Google Photos. If your iPhone storage is limited and you don’t want to install Google Photos on your iPhone. You can choose the second way to upload photos. At the same time, you have backed up your photos on computer for double security, right?