How to Fix iPhone Does Not Receive Calls after iOS 17 Update

There might be some issues on your iPhone after you update iPhone to iOS 17. If iPhone does not receive calls, you could read this passage to find the solutions for your iPhone.


By Dylan / Updated on June 5, 2024

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iPhone does not receive calls

My iPhone 14 won’t receive incoming calls after I installed iOS 17 beta on it. How can I fix the issue?

- Question from iPhone User

iOS 17 has been unveiled. There would be huge changes in the new system. Before it is officially released, every iPhone user could download the iOS 17 beta to experience the new features.

However, no one can make sure this update would make every user happy. There are a lot of bugs reported by users. Sometimes you would find that iPhone not receiving calls or texts after installing the beta.

iPhone Call

It is common to see the bugs like iPhone keep restarting or iPhone calls failed. This could be a severe problem because you might miss the important calls or you can’t tell people important in time. Read this passage to know the cause of this problem and get the solutions to solve it.

Section 1. Why iPhone can't receive or make calls after iOS update?

The causes of iPhone calling problems often relate to signal, network settings and SIM card.

You need to avoid making or answering calls in the places like elevators and staircase to make sure iPhone could receive signals.

After you update iPhone to iOS 17, some of your customized settings on iPhone might be modified so that the involved iPhone features cannot be used. SIM card issues often happens to a locked iPhone.

How to fix iPhone does not receive calls?

Since the possible causes of iPhone calling issue has been told, you could follow the 9 solutions to fix it.

Solution 1. Turn off Airplane Mode

If the Airplane Mode is on, you could not use cellular, Wi-Fi, or making or receiving calls. You could swipe down the screen from the upper right corner and turn off Airplane Mode.

If the Airplane Mode is not off, you could simply turn it on for a few seconds and then turn it off to restart the service about network.

iPhone Control Panel

Solution 2. Turn off DND

DND could be used to silence calls, alerts, and notifications to let others Do Not Disturb you. You could check whether there is a crescent moon icon at the top of iPhone screen.

To turn off DND, you just need to go to iPhone Settings > select Do Not Disturb and then switch it off. You could also find it on the control panel in solution 1.

Solution 3. Check blocked phone number

If you find iPhone not receiving calls from certain numbers on your iPhone, you need to check whether they are mistakenly blocked.

Go to iPhone Settings > Phone > Block Contacts to remove them from the blacklist.

iPhone Blocked Contacts

Solution 4. Turn off Silence Unknown Callers

Silence unknown callers and you won’t receive the calls from the stranger, but if the numbers appeared in the text messages or emails, you could still answer the calls from them.

If the calls are silenced, you could check whether they appear in your voicemail or on the Recents List. To turn it off, you just go to iPhone Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers.

Solution 5. Reset Network Settings

The network settings might be changed after iOS 17 update, but you could easily fix it by reset network settings. You should remember the important configuration like Wi-Fi passwords to make sure you can use networks as usual.

Go to iPhone Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Reset Network Setting

Solution 6. Update carrier settings

iOS 17 is the newest iOS, so that your network service might not support making or receiving calls in the new system. You need to update your carrier settings to improve cellular network connectivity and performance. It could also solve the incompatibility issues.

Make sure iPhone is connected to good network, go to iPhone Settings > About, and then wait for several seconds. If there is a pop-up to tell you update carrier settings, then tap Update. If not, you need to check the following solution.

Update Carrier

Solution 7. Try magic code

There are some secret codes that you could use to quickly enable or disable some features.

You could try dial *#31# and see whether you could receive calls on iPhone now.

Solution 8. Contact your Carrier

The best way to solve the problem is contacting your carrier. Tell them your phone number and iPhone information. They must have met such cases. Ask them whether there’s some thing wrong with your phone numbers or whether the iPhone needed to be unlocked.

Tips: Backup iPhone in case of iPhone problem

Updating iOS 17 makes your iPhone face all kinds of risks. To make iPhone date always safe, it is recommended to backup important data to computer.

You could try FoneTool to save iPhone photos, videos, music, contacts, and messages. It is free, fast, and easy to use.

Just download it > Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable > Go to Phone Backup > Choose Full Backup or Selective Backup to back up your iPhone 15/14 or other iOS devices by 1 click.

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Click Start Backup


f you find iPhone does not receive calls after iOS update, you could use the 9 solutions in this guide to troubleshoot and solve it.

To protect iPhone data, you need to use FoneTool to save important data.

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