Guide: How to Delete Photos from iCloud but Not iPhone

There are some effective ways to guide you on how to delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone. And the professional FoneTool may help you a lot.


By Kathy / Updated on May 31, 2024

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Is it possible to delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone?

iCloud is a cloud service provided by Apple and allows users to store 5GB of data for free. However, due to the storage size limitations of iCloud, we often receive notifications of insufficient space. Many users want to delete iCloud photos to free up space. Besides, iCloud is defaultly enabled, you may notice some users reported unknown bugs, so you want to turn off iCloud for data security.

If you delete photos from iCloud and the photos on Photos app will no longer exist as well. Then, you may wonder” Can I delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone?”.


How to: delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone

Deleting photos from iCloud to free up space can solve the problem of insufficient space to a certain extent because of the synchronization function of iCloud, the photos of iCloud and Photos will be deleted at the same time. So how can we delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone? Turning iCloud Photos off can do it. Now, you can follow the steps below to complete the operation.

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Part 1: Turn off iCloud Photos on your iPhone

Open Settings > Tap Apple ID > Tap iCloud > Select photos > Turn off “iCloud Photos” > Tap “Remove from iPhone”in the pop-up box

icloud photos

Part 2: Remove Photos on

Step 1. Log in to in your Safari and enter the password.

Step 2. Choose the “ Photos”.

Step 3. Select photos, videos, or moments to remove.

۰ If you turn iCloud Photos on, your photos will be automatically backed up to iCloud.
۰ You are able to recover your photos deleted from iCloud in “Recently Deleted” within 30 days.

Part 3. Delete iCloud photos from PC using FoneTool for free

Using FoneTool on your PC is often quicker than deleting iCloud data through the web interface.

As an all-in-one iCloud data management app, it can help you easily download, upload or delete iCloud data on PC in a few clicks. And if you need to switch a new Apple ID, FoneTool allows you to efficiently transfer iCloud data from one account to another.

Now you can download it on your Windows PC and follow guidance below to learn how to finish the process.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Open FoneTool > Go to My iCloud > Log in with your Apple ID > Choose Manage iCloud.

manage icloud

Step 2. Click the Photos icon > Choose the photos you want to delete > Tap on Delete > Click on Yes to confirm your choice.

delete photos

Further reading: Backup your iPhone without iCloud

Now, surely you have known how to delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone. You also already know that iCloud Storage is very limited. So if you want to backup more data, you can use iPhone backup software to back up iPhone 15 to the computer.

Then FoneTool is also recommended. It is a professional mobile phone backup tool, which allows you to make full or partial iPhone backup or other iOS backup to save important data to safe places.

Its operation process is very simple because you can backup your data with just a few clicks. And FoneTool backup data to PC or external device without uploading data to any Server. It is 100% safe.

Next, you can read the steps below carefully. Before using it, you need to download this software on your computer.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect the phone to the computer via the USB cable; go to Phone Backup > Click Get Started under Selective Backup > Choose the data you want to back up and click Start Backup to begin.

backup step3

Actually, FoneTool can transfer data as well and it not only helps you to transfer data to computer, but also to another iPhone.  Here's an example of iPhone-to-iPhone transfer:

Step 1. Connect both phones to the computer, and Phone Transfer > go to iPhone to iPhone and click Get Started.

iphone-to-iphone transfer

Step 2. Click the Start Transfer button to begin.

transfer step2

After the transfer, Your phone will be restarted, and you will find that your data has been completely copied to the target device. Through the above introduction, it is not difficult to see that FoneTool is multifunctional, useful, safe, and efficient freeware. If you have an interest in it, you could try it.

Bonus tips for "iCloud Storage is not enough"

When your iCloud storage space is not enough, you can use the following solution to replace iCloud as well:

google photos

1. Google Photos: It has unlimited free storage for backing up photos, however, 16 megapixels is the maximum for storing photos, which should be enough for most photos. If your pixels are higher than this, you also have 15GB of free storage.

2. Amazon Photos: All Amazon customers get 5GB of free storage, but you get unlimited photo storage if you have an Amazon Prime account.

3. Microsoft OneDrive: It comes with 5GB of free storage, and this space can be used to store photos, videos, documents, etc. At the same time, it can be uploaded automatically as well. If you need more storage space, you can upgrade with a payment plan to use more features.

Sum up

Through the post, you will figure out how to delete photos from iCloud but not iPhone. With FoneTool's powerful features, you can efficiently manage your iCloud data on PC. 

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