By AOMEI / Last update October 12, 2020

Lenovo Y510p System Recovery in Windows

If your current operating system is still working, you can have it restored.

Situation 1. Recover to factory default settings

Usually, for Lenovo ideapad, thinkpad, desktop, notebook, tablet, laptop, etc. there is a snap in recovery partition which contains image of factory system when you first get your product. From Lenovo y510p recovery partition, you are able to restore Lenovo y510p system to factory settings with the help of built-in Lenovo OneKey Recovery.

If you have recovery discs instead of a recovery partition, you can recover through them without doubt.

If you install os by yourself, which means that there is no recovery partition pre-created, you can get recovery discs from Lenovo support center. Or, create a factory default recovery partition with Lenovo OneKey Recovery or AOMEI OneKey Recovery. Then, carry out Lenovo y510p recovery.

Tip: If you make a Lenovo y510p recovery partition with Lenovo OneKey Recovery, when comes to restoration, you should also use Lenovo OneKey Recovery. The same goes to AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

Situation 2. Recover to a former state.

This method is based-on that you have made a backup of the system before either with Lenovo OneKey Recovery or with AOMEI OneKey Recovery. If not, do it now; then, in the future, when your operating system crashed, you can execute lenovo y510p system restore directly.

Lenovo Y510p System Recovery When Windows Fails

In this case, if you want to do lenovo y510p restore, there must be either recovery partition or recovery cd or dvd. Otherwise, the only way to have your machine work again is to reinstall it. This will probably case data loss. Therefore, make sure that you have at least one Lenovo y510p recovery media at hand early when os still works well.

Situation 1. Restore to factory default settings

Here, take Lenovo OneKey Recovery for example.

Step1.Press Novo Button, usually on the upper left corner of the Top nearby the Power button, to enter Novo Button Menu. Then, choose “System Recovery”.

Novo Button Menu

Step2.You will enter Lenovo OneKey Recovery. In the first step, select “Restore from initial backup”.

Lenovo OneKey Recovey Select Task

Step3. In the second step, confirm the operation and click “Start” to begin lenovo y510p recovery.

Situation 2. Restore to a former state.

Here, take AOMEI OneKey Recovery for example. It is based on that you have created a system recovery partition with AOMEI OneKey Recovery before.

Step1.Power on the computer and continuously press “F11” Or “A” when Lenovo logo shows up until it enter into the main interface. Then, choose “OneKey System Recovery”.

OneKey System Recovery

Step2.Choose a way to restore according to where you have saved your system image.

Restore System from AOMEI OneKey Recovery Partition

Step3.The failed system partition will be overwritten. So, it is suggested to regularly backup your import data in daily life. And, you’d better store data in another partition not system partition. Confirm it and click “Start Restore”.

Restore and Confirm

Note:If you have no any recovery device when your os fails suddenly, there is still a way to rescue but somehow a little bit troublesome. Another healthy computer is needed. Download, install and open AOMEI Backupper, another software developed by AOMEI Tech, on the computer. Use its AOMEI PXE Boot Tool to boot the crashed machine up and restore snap-in system ISO image to failed machine. View details >>