What does aligned sector mean?

Aligned sector refers to reallocate the physical sector offset of partitions. This function is mainly used for gaining more efficient use of physical space for a given hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD). With the benefits of aligned sector, you not only can accelerate the inputting speed but can also speed up the outputting performance for HDD and SSD. Various studies have shown that align sectors for partition or hard disk could improve the working condition by 10%-30% (or even more), no matter you are using the RAID systems or the common hard drive. In other word, aligned sector can enhance the inputting and outputting speed, moreover, it also facilitates a significant progress in system performance.

Why do you need to align sector?

As known to everyone, the built-in disk management which provided by Microsoft Windows can only do some basic partition and disk operations such as create and format. Although the advanced version of Windows operating system provide more new features but it still do not allow users to perform sector alignment for a partition. Fortunately, AOMEI Backupper offers this function while you performing clone and restore for FREE. As we mentioned in the above paragraph, partition alignment can accelerate the outputting and inputting speed so as to improve the working performance. It is for this reason that we introduce this feature of AOMEI Backupper to you.

Sector Alignment while Performing Clone and Restore

Aligned sector is an auxiliary feature which is attached to clone feature and restore feature (the program will do the alignment with 4KB sector). You must tick the aligned sector option before you execute these two operations. Once you highlighted the sector alignment option while you perform clone or restore, FREE AOMEI Backupper will automatically align sectors for the partition or hard disk to its perfect state as soon as you click Start Clone.

How to align sector while performing clone?

Step 1: Choose Partition Clone or Disk Clone in the Clone Tab. (let’s take Partition Clone as an example)


Step 2: Choose a source partition, H partition for example. Click Next to continue.


Step 3: Choose a destination partition (I choose Disk 1 as destination partition), click Next to continue.


Step 4: As you can see from the following screenshot, tick the “Align partition to optimize for SSD” option and then click Start Clone to execute this operation.


How to align sector while performing restore?

Step 1: Click Restore tab to see the Backup list. Choose the backup task which you want to restore and click Next.


Step 2: During the restore process, follow the prompts to keep clicking "Next", directly see the following screenshot, tick the “Align Partition to optimize for SSD” in the Operation Summary window. After that, click Start Restore to execute this operation.


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