Why MySQL Database Backup Important?

What Does MySQL Backup Do in Protecting Data?

Complete Database Backup

Protect MySQL Database with full backup, incremental backup, differential backup. MySQL incremental backup only backup changed data, saving time and destination storage. Support saving backups to local disk, external drive, NAS, network drive, cloud storage, etc.

Smart MySQL Protection

Auto MySQL database backup on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, monthly, event-trigger, real-time sync, etc. for continuous backup, even from a single console centrally. Smartly delete old backup versions to save space while keeping backup up to date after settings.

Suitable for Multiple Environments

Provide Hot Backup feature, i.e. backup MySQL database without interrupting any normal operations, having zero influence to the users and customers of your company. Also support Cold Backup, to comprehensively backup MySQL database for a complete backup.

Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR)

Allow MySQL database administrator to restore a set of data from backup from a particular time of the past, for example, before data corruption occurred. Restore your table to any point in time with faster and cost-effective disaster recovery solution.

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