How to Configure vCenter Server to Send Alarm Email Notifications

One of the automated actions that can be configured when your vCenter Server Alarm is triggered.


By Crystal / Updated on May 8, 2023

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Sending vCenter Email Notification When Alarm is Triggered

vCenter has an ability to notify administrators about certain events that happen in the vSphere environment. An administrator can choose from a few hundred events. These events, thresholds, and actions are configurable through alarm definitions in vCenter. One of the possible actions is the email notification.

You are able to configure vCenter server to send an email notification when your vCenter Server Alarm is triggered. It takes a few minutes to confirm if you had an email server setup and then to walk them through how to edit alarms to send emails when triggered.

In this article, we will discuss how to configure vCenter Server to send alarm email notifications.

vcenter alert email notification

How to Configure vCenter Server to Send Alarm Email Notifications

Before vCenter can send emails, it requires mail server configuration, which is covered further in this chapter.

Step 1. Configure vCenter Mail Server

Releases prior to 6.5b sent e-mail alerts from root@VCSA_FQDN by default. The 6.5b patch now allows admins to change the vCenter mail sender address. You can use the SMTP agent included with vCenter Server to send email notifications when alarms are triggered.

✍ Please ensure that the vCenter Server SMTP agent is properly configured to send email notifications.

To configure vCenter Server to send alarm email notifications using Web Client:

1. Log into vSphere Client, and access to vCenter Server. Click the Configure tab.

2. Under Settings, select General. Then Click Edit.

configure vcenter email notification

3. Select Mail and enter the settings that vCenter Server uses to send email alerts.

4. In Mail server text box, enter the SMTP server information.

The SMTP server is the DNS name or IP address of the SMTP gateway to use for sending email messages.

  • For sending mails anonymously, you can enter any SMTP server information as the mail server name.
  • For SMTP authentication, you must enter the mail server name as, unless you have some customized configuration. Do not use IP address as mail server as IP address is not supported for SMTP authentication.

5. In Mail sender text box, enter the sender account information.

The sender account is the email address of the sender.

For SMTP authentication, you must enter a valid SMTP account name in the Mail sender text box.

✍ You must enter the full email address, including the domain name.

For example,

configure vcenter mail server

6. Click SAVE.

7. This step is applicable only for SMTP authentication.

You must configure the SMTP user settings as below:

  • Select the Configure tab.
  • Select Advanced Settings.
  • Click EDIT SETTINGS and enter the following values for the configuration parameters:

configure smtp user settings

  • Click SAVE.

Step 2. Configure vCenter to Send Email Alerts

Now, since the mail server has been configured and the mail flow works, notification email actions should be added to events that are important to know about.

1. On the Actions page of the alarm definition wizard, click Add to add an action.

2. In the Actions column, select Send a notification email from the drop-down menu.

3. In the Configuration column, enter recipient addresses. Use commas to separate multiple addresses.

4. (Optional) Configure alarm transitions and frequency.

configure alarm

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dashboard manage view

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bind device

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schedule backup cleanup

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schedule vm backup


This article provides information on setting the mail server and configuring vCenter Server to send alarm email notifications. If you want to troubleshoot email alerts not being sent from vCenter Server, you could refer to VMware KB article at

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