Buffalo External Hard Drive Data Recovery Guide

If you are struggling with Buffalo external hard drive data recovery, keep reading this article, get the possible reasons and a safe way to recover deleted files.


By Ivy / Updated on June 29, 2023

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Buffalo is one of the leading external hard drives brands and may cause data loss due to different reasons. This can be an incredibly frustrating experience. Most of you may think that all your files are irretrievably lost. Is It really true? If not, how do I recover data from Buffalo external HDD? Read on and this article will reveal it all for you.

Buffalo External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Is It Possible to Recover Data from a Buffalo External HDD?

"Hey, guys! I have a Buffalo external hard drive that has been acting up lately. I accidentally deleted some important files from it and now I'm freaking out!" Has anyone here ever tried to recover data from a Buffalo external hard drive? It is a 500GB drive and runs on a Windows 10 laptop. Any advice would be super helpful! Thanks in advance!"

The deleted files still remain on the Buffalo external hard drive at first, but the used space is marked as “free” for new data. Once you add new data or format the disk, even if your system asks you to format the disk before using it, it will be overwritten and disappear from this disk.

Thus, there is still a chance to recover deleted files from Buffalo external hard drive if your data are not overwritten. At the same time, please disconnect this disk immediately and find reliable data recovery software. You can then start Buffalo external hard drive data recovery as soon as possible. This will help a lot to increase the success rate.

Common Reasons Behind Data Loss on Buffalo External Hard Drive

There are undoubtedly many reasons for data loss on Buffalo, which can give you some clues to recover your data and protect them safely after data recovery. We collect some common reasons below:

  • Accidental deletion.
  • File system corruption or incompatible.
  • Sudden power outages.
  • Virus or malware infection.
  • Physical damage, such as dropping the drive, exposing it to extreme temperatures or water damage, etc.

IMPORTANT: Buffalo also has a network-attached storage (NAS) device and allows you to combine individual disks into a RAID array. Data loss on Buffalo NAS drive is largely due to modifying NAS Settings. It can be in the process of building a new RAID, extending storage, or creating a redundant configuration RAID.

How to Perform Buffalo External Hard Drive Data Recovery

MyRecover is a safe & reliable data recovery software for Buffalo external hard drive. It enables you to recover deleted files in Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, etc, and Windows Server easily and quickly, with a success rate of more than 95%.

  • Two advanced scanning methods: Quick Scan and Deep Scan. It will scan and search for all the deleted or lost files on Buffalo's external drive.
  • 200+ file types: recover deleted Word/Excel/PPT documents, images, emails, audio files, videos, and more, from your Buffalo external disk.
  • Complete recovery: recover all the found files completely without losing their quality.
  • All-inclusive: handle different data loss scenarios, such as accidental deletion, disk format (eg: recover data from formatted drive), virus infection, etc.

Now please download this data recovery software. Reconnect WD hard disk and be sure it’s recognized by your Windows system. You can then follow the steps below to recover deleted files from WD external hard drive.

Download SoftwareWin 11/10/8/7/Server
Secure Download

Step-by-Step Guide for Buffalo External Hard Drive Recovery

Step 1: Install and launch this safe & reliable data recovery software - MyRecover. Select Buffalo external hard disk containing deleted files and click the Start Scan button.

Select Partition to Scan

Step 2: It will run two advanced scanning methods automatically and display all the found files on the selected disk. You can filter and preview files in the Buffalo disk. Here are two methods:

  • Click Filter and select a file type, such as Documents.
  • Expand the Other Missing Files tab and go to the folder containing deleted files.

Search for Word Files

Step 3: Select all the deleted files on the Buffalo external hard disk and click the Recover x files button. You will then be asked to select a location. Please select a new location instead of the original location.



  • The restore button will display the number of selected files and their full size. You can use it to determine the integrity of the recovered files.
  • Saving the recovered files to their original location may cause data corruption or further data loss.
  • Not only external hard drive, you can also use this software to recover deleted files from flash drive, SD card, etc.
  • You can perform Buffalo external hard drive data recovery for free, up to 30MB each time. To recover all of them, try advanced editions.

 Tip: If you require data recovery assistance for other external hard drive brands, refer to the following solutions:
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How to Recover Data from Buffalo NAS Drive

Buffalo NAS is a type of centralized storage device connected to a network and allows multiple users to access & share files at the same network segment. Usually, it combines two or more disks in a RAID array (eg: RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10) for data redundancy and performance optimization.

So you can disconnect the Buffalo NAS drive and connect it to a Windows PC. Please prepare a USB to SATA adapter or enclosure to connect it. You can then recover data from Buffalo NAS drive with MyRecover just as you could from Buffalo external hard drive. Please don’t save them back to Buffalo NAS drive to prevent further data loss.

Bonus Tips to Prevent Data Loss on Buffalo Drive

Data recovery from Buffalo drive helps to get your files back, but this is not 100% guaranteed. So instead of recovering data from Buffalo external HDD or NAS drive, you’d better take some precautions to protect your data safely. Here are some feasible choices:

  • Double-check the Buffalo drive before deleting any file.
  • Safely remove your Buffalo drive: Always use the “Safely remove hardware and eject media” option before disconnecting your drive.
  • Scan Buffalo drive regularly for malware or viruses: Enable anti-virus software, such as Windows Defender or a third-party one to scan and remove malware or viruses from your drive.
  • Backup files on Buffalo external drive or NAS automatically. Try a complete Windows backup software - AOMEI Backupper Standard to create a file backup and set it to run automatically. Connecting Buffalo NAS drive requires at least an IP address. Sometimes, you still need to input your username and password.

File Backup


That’s all for Buffalo external hard drive data recovery. When it comes to data recovery, the easiest method is to use a safe & reliable software, such as MyRecover, and you don’t even need to know the possible reasons of data loss.

You probably also know that data recovery does not necessarily recover all data. So to avoid any data loss, we strongly recommend you to backup Buffalo external hard drive or data on the Buffalo NAS regularly.

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