Get to Know Samsung T7 Factory Reset Tool and 1 Easier Option

In this guide, you will learn all things about Samsung T7 factory reset tool to erase all data on the SSD and make it unrecoverable. One easier option to finish the task is introduced as well.


By Clytze Updated on May 10, 2023

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Learn about Samsung T7 factory reset tool

If you own a Samsung T7 portable SSD, you may eventually need to perform a factory reset. Perhaps you want to clear all data from your device before selling or donating it, or maybe you're experiencing technical issues that require a fresh start. Whatever the reason, Samsung has provided an easy-to-use tool for resetting your T7.

Samsung T7 Portable SSD

The Samsung T7 factory reset tool is a software program designed to erase all data and restore your Samsung T7 external SSD to its original factory settings. This tool is useful if you're experiencing issues with your SSD, such as slow performance, errors, or viruses, and you want to start fresh.

In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about the Samsung T7 factory reset tool, including what it is, how to use it, and recommend a more secure and easier option to erase your T7 data.

Stepwise guide to factory reset Samsung T7 SSD

Performing a factory reset on your Samsung T7 portable SSD is a straightforward process with the portable SSD software. Follow these steps to get started:

Tip: It’s important to note that resetting your Samsung T7 SSD will permanently delete all data stored on it, including personal files, documents, photos, and videos. Therefore, it's recommended that you backup important data before proceeding with the factory reset process.

1. First, download Samsung Portable SSD Software from the official Samsung website and install it on your PC. This software includes the factory reset tool, along with other useful features for managing your portable SSD.

2. Connect your Samsung T7 portable SSD to your computer using a USB cable. The software should automatically detect the device and display it on the main screen.

3. Navigate to the "Settings" section of the software and select the "Factory Reset" option. A warning message will appear, reminding you that all data will be permanently deleted from your device.

4. After reading the warning message, click "OK" to confirm the factory reset. The process may take several minutes to complete, depending on the capacity of your device.

5. Once the factory reset is complete, safely eject your Samsung T7 portable SSD from your computer and disconnect it from the USB cable. Your device is now restored to its original factory settings.

Best alternative to Samsung SSD factory reset tool

Besides Samsung portable SSD software, you can also ask the help of a professional SSD reset tool to permanently wipe your data on T7 SSD. AOMEI Backupper Professional, as the most popular disk wipe tool, can wipe the T7 SSD more securely and prolong its lifespan. With its excellent disk wipe features, you can:

Choose to wipe an entire disk, a selected partition, wipe free space on Windows 11, or unallocated space to meet your various needs.
Use its Disk Wipe tool to delete files on different brand SSDs such as WD, HP, Dell, Seagate, etc. not only Samsung.
Except wipe SSDs, you can also wipe C drive, a USB drive, hard disk drive as well as SD card.
Choose 4 professional wiping methods, they are Fill sectors with zero, Fill sectors with random data, DoD 52220.22-M, Gutmann.

How to permanently wipe Samsung T7 SSD with AOMEI Backupper:

Step 1. Download and install this excellent software on your computer to have a try.

Download Free TrialWin11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 2. Open it, and then click Tools > Disk Wipe.

Disk Wipe

Step 3. On the Wiping Type window, select Wipe Disk and click Next.

Choose Wipe Disk

Step 4. Select the T7 portable SSD you want to erase and click Next. If it is a system disk, you will be told the operation will be executed in reboot mode. Click OK to continue.

Choose Disk

Step 5. On the Wiping Method window, select one method and click Start to permanently wipe all data on Samsung T7 SSD.

Wipe Method

In the end

The Samsung T7 factory reset tool is a useful software program that allows you to erase all data and restore your Samsung T7 external SSD to its original factory settings and start fresh. You can also try more secure and easier disk wipe software AOMEI Backupper to achieve this goal. It offers you more flexible wipe features to wipe all data on the T7 SSD and make it unrecoverable.

All you need to be aware of is to backup data on the SSD with AOMEI Backupper to prevent data loss before reset it. You can also try a simpler option to clone SSD to larger SSD directly without restoring the backup image.

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