Absolute Security: Backup Folder to PC like Samsung Secure Folder

You will learn what is Samsung secure folder and how to backup Samsung secure folder. The stepwise tutorial will be included as well. Keep reading to know more detailed information.


by Clytze Updated on October 17, 2022

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What is Samsung Secure Folder?

Samsung Secure Folder is an encrypted space on Samsung devices to store all private files such as apps, images, videos, etc. The folder is protected by the defense-grade Samsung Knox security platform, keeping all your private data safe and hidden. You can also add a password or enable a biometric lock to further protect the data stored on Secure Folder.

It is compatible for Samsung users with Android 7.0 Nougat or higher devices. If you need to keep adding the data you want to protect to Samsung Secure Folder, then you need to make sure you have enough memory space.

Can Samsung Secure Folder Backup to PC?

Many users want to know whether the Samsung Secure Folder can be backed up to the computer. Unfortunately, the official does not provide a way to back up the Samsung Secure Folder to the computer. So if you want to back up the contents of the folder to your computer and have it as secure as it is on your phone.

You can try to choose a professional backup software such as AOMEI Backupper Professional to help you achieve your goals. You can read on for more details about this software.

How to Backup Folder and Encrypt It

If you want to back up important data and want complete confidentiality, you can use a professional and secure software AOMEI Backupper Professional to back up folders and encrypt the files inside. This can help you keep your backup data safe, thereby protecting your privacy. If you encrypted backups of important data, only someone who knows the password can restore the image files. You don't need to worry about important information being leaked easily.

Samsung Secure Folder keeps your files safe. Encrypting your files is important but backing up your files is also very important. Because there are many situations that can lead to file loss, such as hard drive corruption, system failure, malware or virus attack.

If you have backed up the file in advance and encrypted it, then you can restore the backup file at any time when you need it, and after encryption, someone who knows the password can restore the image backup, which protects the data to a large extent.

  • It supports you to backup files to different destination paths, such as HDD, SSD, USB flash drive, NAS, etc.
  • It also supports multiple Windows operating systems, including Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista.

Stepwise Guide to Backup Folder and Encrypt It

You can download the trial version of the backup software, install it and follow the steps below. If you are a Windows Server user, you can choose AOMEI Backupper Server. Keep reading for more detailed steps.

Download Free Trial Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Open AOMEI Backupper and select Backup > File Backup.

File Backup

Step 2. Click Add File or Add Folder, then select the files or folders to be backed up.

Add File Or Folder

Step 3. Choose a disk as the backup destination.

Select Backup Destination

Step 4. To password protect the folder, just click Options at the bottom, and click General > Enable encryption for backups. Then, you can type the password > confirm the password > click OK.

Backup Settings General

Step 5. Click Start Backup.

Start Bakcup


  • Options: You can enable email notification, choose the compression level for the backup file and select splitting ways you want, etc.
  • Schedule Backup: This feature allows you to set the frequency of your backup, such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Event trigger and USB plug in.
  • Backup Scheme: You can select different backup methods. And you can use the differential backup method which can easily restore your scheduled backup. You can also enable automatic backup cleanup feature to save disk space. 


This article introduces what is Samsung Secure Folder, which can be used to protect the safety of data stored in Secure Folder. You can also add password protection to this secure folder. Although encrypted folders can greatly protect the security of data, if the folder accidentally malfunctions or encounters a virus attack, then you may directly lose this important information. Therefore, backup folders are also very important. This way, even if your files are accidentally lost, you can restore the backup files.

The professional backup software AOMEI Backupper Professional can help you back up files easily and then encrypt the files. Even if the backup files are lost, you don't have to worry, because the backup files can only be restored if you know the backup password. You can download this software to explore more functions.

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