(Solved) How Do I Reset Kingston SSD to Factory?

Things that you want to know about how to reset Kingston SSD is all here, try to follow one method to achieve your purpose.


By Maggie Updated on May 4, 2023

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Why do I need to reset Kingston SSD to factory setting?

Many businesses and individuals choose Kingston SSD to upgrade their configurations on computers due to its faster reading and writing speed, energy saving, and higher stability. A well-performance Kingston SSD can also be vibration-resistant, shock-resistant, and noiseless, catering to the needs of various devices such as laptops, desktops computers, servers, mobile devices, and consumer electronics.

Kingston SSD

It’s quite helpful in your daily life, however, when you decide to reset SSD to factory setting, you may know the advantages below:

✤Fixing errors: You can eliminate possible SSD errors like file reading problems, Windows not recognizing the device, etc.
✤Eliminate viruses/malware: By restoring the SSD to factory settings, all data can be erased to ensure that no malicious programs remain on the system.
✤Preparing to sell or donate: Erase all your data on the Kingston SSD to prevent personal info from leaking, or offer a brand new beginning to its new owner.

If you are scratching your head over resetting Kingston SSD to factory, just read the following 4 useful methods. You need to be aware that your data cannot be recovered after being erased. Thus, if you have important files on the SSD, please create SSD backup image in advance.

Option 1: Erase Kingston SSD via its manufacturer’s utility

Kingston SSD Manager is an application that provides you with the ability to monitor and manage your Kingston SSDs. It’s quite helpful in various aspects. With Kingston SSD, you will be able to:

✿Ensure data security: The built-in erase feature of Kingston SSD Manager can help to erase all the data on your SSD.
✿Healthy monitor: The manufacturer’s utility can detect the healthy status of the SSD.
✿Performance optimization: It can help users to perform SSD performance tuning, such as enabling Trim function, setting cache, etc.
✿Firmware update: the manufacturer’s utility can be used to upgrade the SSD’s firmware to fix known problems or improve performance.

Overall, its erase feature can fulfill your purpose to reset SSD to factory.

Step 1. Download the appropriate Kingston SSD Manager version for your system from the official website.

Step 2. Open the Kingston SSD Manager application. Find and select the Kingston SSD you want to erase.

Step 3. Go to the Security tab at the top.

Security Tab

Step 4. Find the Secure Erase under the ATA Security heading and click this button to start the secure erase process.

Secure Erase

Step 5. You will be prompted with a pop-up window warning you of permanent data loss. Once you have read and understood the warning, you can enter the last 4 digits of the drive’s serial number and click the Perform Erase button.

Perform Erase

Step 6. The secure erase may take a few minutes to complete. Once complete you will see as message stating the secure erase completed successfully.

Erase Completed

Option 2: Erase Kingston SSD via BIOS

Secure erase which is embedded in the BIOS setting can be utilized to completely wipe an SSD. You can take our tutorial practice on an HP computer as a reference:

Step 1. Shut down your computer and restart it. And then tab DEL/F2/F8/F10 to enter BIOS.

Step 2. When you boot in, go to the Security tab and click on Hard Drive Utilities.

Step 3. Select Secure Erase. Then the pop-up selections, you can choose your Kingston SSD to be safely erased.

Secure Erase BIOS

Step 4. Wait for the prompt, and click Continue to complete the whole process to reset Kingston SSD to the factory setting.

Option 3: Wipe Kingston SSD with free Diskpart

Another option for you to manually wipe Kingston SSD is through free Diskpart. Diskpart is a built-in utility in your Windows computer that allows you to wipe the SSD drive of your computer. The guide is offered as below:

Step 1. Launch the Command Prompt on your PC and select Run as administrator.

Run as Administor

Step 2. Type the following commands and press Enter after each line.


List disk

Select disk x

Clean all

Note: Replace “x” with the number which stands for Kingston SSD.

Dispark Command

This operation is going to wipe everything on your Kingston disk and it lasts a few minutes. Then your drive should be securely erased.

Option 4: Securely reset Kingston to factory settings with the best wiping tool

At the logical level, your Kingston SSD can be totally erased via the above three methods. If you need a more secure Kingston SSD reset tool, third-party software should be taken into consideration. Notably, Disk Wipe in AOMEI Backupper Professional is an exact choice. As the best wiping tool, it has some distinguished features as followed:

✍For compatibility, it can wipe hard disk drives, USB drives, as well as SD cards. All brands of disks are supported, including Kingston, SanDisk, and Samsung, etc.
✍Resourceful options: It enables wiping an entire disk, a selected partition, or unallocated space. And unrecoverable erased SSD data is guaranteed.
✍Additional features: It is an integrated software that is equipped with all-round functions such as backup, restore and clone. For example, as the best Samsung T7 SSD backup software, it can also offer protection to your Kingston SSD as well.

Now download AOMEI Backupper and try its disk wipe on your computer.

Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Click Tools in the left tab, and then select the Disk Wipe tool under Common Tools.

Disk Wipe

Step 2. After that, you will enter the page to select Wiping Type. There are 2 types available to select: Wipe partition(s) or unallocated space on the disk, and Wipe disk. Choose the latter one and then click Next.

Choose Wipe Disk

Step 3. Select Kingston SSD to erase. Click Next to continue.

Choose Disk

Step 4. Select a Wiping Method with the safety level and speed you want, and click Start to wipe the hard drive.

Start Wipe


You can reset your Kingston SSD to factory in order to prevent data leak or stolen though Kingston SSD Manager, BIOS, Diskpart and third-party software. However, the best Kingston SSD reset tool must put secure a priority. The wiping tool in AOMEI Backupper, receives millions of followers due to its high reliability.  As the best wipe tool, it is useful to free up disk space in Windows 7.

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