Solved | How to Fix Error 0x8004010F in Outlook (2 Ways)

You can learn why error 0x8004010F in Outlook occurs and how to solve this problem with 2 top solutions. And you can backup your Outlook emails to prevent data loss.


By Miya Updated on July 14, 2023

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User case: Error 0x8004010F when I try to send or receive email in Outlook 2010

"Hey everyone, I'm getting this error message "0x8004010F: Outlook data file cannot be accessed." It says something about not being able to access the offline address book. Does anyone know what's going on and how to fix it? I'm using Windows 10 on my Dell laptop. Thanks in advance!"

Error Message

Sometimes errors can occur when trying to access your mailbox data through the Outlook data file. This is usually due to faulty synchronization or problems with the OST or PST file. Most of the time, these issues cause access and send/receive errors.

  • Sending reported error (0x8004010F) : 'Outlook data file cannot be accessed.’
  • Receiving reported error (0x8004010F) : 'Outlook data file cannot be accessed.’

If you're encountering the error 0x8004010F in Outlook, you won't be able to send or receive emails. It's important to fix this error as soon as possible to get back to using your email normally. This article will help you understand the error and provide 2 methods to fix it.

Why error 0x8004010F in Outlook occcurs?

OST and PST files are susceptible to damage from various factors, such as oversize, virus attacks, accidental or force shutdown, and more. Additionally, human errors can also cause file corruption.

Most commonly, the 0x8004010F error occurs during synchronization of an offline address book (OAB), sending/receiving emails, or while downloading OAB files. Some reasons behind this error including:

  • A corrupt OST file
  • Incorrect or corrupt Outlook profile configuration
  • No internet or unreliable network connection
  • Sending/receiving emails via Shared Mailbox
  • Change in the location of OST file on the machine
  • Copying of an old OST file used by a previous Outlook version after upgrading
  • Damaged Outlook program files
  • Insufficient read/write permissions
  • Primary account not being set with the primary account OST file
  • Firewall settings can also play a role

How to fix error 0x8004010F in Outlook with top 2 ways

To resolve Outlook 2010 0x8004010f error and other versions, you first need to locate the default Outlook data file. Next, I will show you how to locate it step by step.

Step 1. Go to Start and open Control Panel.

Step 2. Select Show Profiles in the Mail Setup - Outlook dialog box.

Select Show Profiles

Step 3. Click on Properties after selecting your current Outlook profile.

Click On Properties

Step 4. Click on Data Files in the Mail Setup - Outlook dialog box.

Click on Data Files

Step 5. In the Account Settings dialog box, go to the Data Files tab and check the name and location of the default data file for your profile. You can identify the default data file as it will have a check mark next to it. Then, choose Close. Now, you can create a new Outlook profile.

Account Settings

Method 1. Create an IMAP or POP3 email account using auto account setup

By default, if your email server supports both IMAP and POP3, auto account setup will create an IMAP account. If you want to create a POP3 account instead, you'll need to follow the manual steps. On the other hand, if your email server only supports POP3, auto account setup will automatically create a POP3 account for you.

Step 1. Open the Mail Setup - Outlook dialog box by going to Control Panel > Mail, and then click on Show Profiles.

Step 2. Click on Add located on the General tab of the Mail dialog box.

Click on Add

Step 3. Enter a new profile name in the New Profile dialog box and click OK. Then, enter your email account information in the Add Account dialog box and click Next.

Click Next

Step 4. After your account is successfully configured, select Finish to solve the Outlook 0x800401F error.

Method 2. Create an IMAP or POP3 email account manually

Step 1. Open Show Profiles on Outlook mail setup likewise, and click Add.

Step 2. Enter a new profile name in the New Profile dialog box and click OK. Then, in the Add Account dialog box, select Manually setup or additional server types and click Next.

Select Manually Setup

Step 3. Click on Internet E-mail in the Choose Service dialog box, and then click Next.

Click Next

Step 4. Enter your account details in the Internet E-mail Settings dialog box, and then click on Test Account Settings to test your account.

Note: If you're not sure about the correct account details, please contact your Internet service provider.

Step 5. Click on Browse after selecting Existing Outlook Data File.

Click on Browse

Step 6. Browse and select the previously located Outlook data file in the Open Outlook Data File dialog box, and then click on OK. Click on Next, then on Close in the Test Account Settings dialog box, and finally, click on Finish to fix the error 0x8004010F in Outlook.

Warm tip: To set the new Outlook profile as the default profile, select Always use this profile on the General tab of the Mail dialog box, choose the new profile from the drop-down, and then click OK to close the Mail dialog box.

Secure tip: Backup your Outlook emails to prevent data loss

If you rely on email to get your work done, it's essential to back up your entire Outlook mailbox or individual/multiple emails. This is not only because Outlook contains all of your valuable data, including emails, attachments, calendars, contacts, notes, tasks, and more, but also because it helps you prevent unexpected losses due to file corruption, deletion, malfunctioning hardware, system crashes, malware, and other issues.

To help with this, we recommend using a professional software called AOMEI Backupper Professional to back up your all Outlook emails.

✤ This software offers an Outlook Backup feature that allows you to back up your entire mailbox, including mail folders such as Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, as well as Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and more. You can also specify one or more folders to back up.
✤ This software has the ability to run Scheduled backup tasks with options including Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Event triggers or USB plug in. Additionally, you can even wake your computer to run the scheduled task when you are not using the Outlook app.
✤ This software also supports incremental backup in a scheduled task and other options like normal compression, which can help reduce the size of the backup image.

 Downloading this powerful backup software to give it a try!

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Note: Please note that the Professional version of AOMEI Backupper only supports Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, and Vista. If you're a server user, we recommend trying AOMEI Backupper Server instead.

Step 1. After adding the account you want to back up in Outlook and closing it, open AOMEI Backupper Professional and click on Backup and then Outlook Backup.

Outlook Backup

Step 2. Click on Add Outlook data to add an Outlook account with the entire mailbox you want to back up. Then, click OK.

Add Outlook Data

Step 3. Choose a location to save all emails in Outlook, such as a local path, network or NAS location, or cloud drive.

Select Backup Destination

Step 4. Select the backup schedule you prefer - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, USB plug in or Event triggers mode, and make sure to check the Wake the computer to run scheduled task option.

Wake Up PC

Step 5. Make sure you've selected the entire mailbox and click on Start Backup to back up all Outlook emails and other items.

♪ Please note that the Event triggers feature only supports backing up PST files at system startup and user log on. If your mailbox contains a .pst file, it's best not to use this feature.
♪ You can change the backup method from Incremental Backup to Differential Backup for a scheduled backup task under Backup Scheme. This method is based on a full backup and is generally safer.
♪ To prevent backup disks from being full, you can delete old backup images on a regular basis by enabling Automatic Backup Cleanup.


This article explains Why error 0x8004010F in Outlook occurs, as well as provides two ways to resolve this error. You can choose either one according to your needs. We also recommend you to use AOMEI Backupper Professional to backup your Outlook emails to avoid data loss. This software can not only backup Outlook emails, but it can also backup Gmail emails to Outlook. Why not try it now?

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