Easiest Way to Restore Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 from Recovery Partition

When Windows system fails to boot, you can restore Windows from recovery partition. Here is a guide to walk you through every step of the way.


by Ivy Updated on October 20, 2022

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What Is A Recovery Partition?

A recovery partition(system repair disk) is a part of a drive which contains the system image and can restore your computer to factory settings when your computer cannot boot. It will occupy some space, but you have to keep your recovery partition. If you delete it, you cannot recover your windows and need to reinstall your computer and software you want to use.

At the same time, when you install Windows 7/8/10/11, the Windows will create a recovery partition which is much smaller than factory recovery partition. The Windows 7 recovery partition will occupy 200 MB, the Windows 8 will occupy 350MB and the Windows 10 will occupy 450 MB.

When Do You Need to Restore Windows from Recovery Partition?

Our Windows may fail due to the external factors such as virus or hacker etc and the internal factors such as the Windows failure immediately. So when our Windows fails due to some reasons, we need to repair it and make it works properly. Thus, whether system repair disk or recovery partition saved our Windows is really essential.

In other words, we can make use of them to make our computer works properly and don’t need to reinstall the computer and all software needed again. If you don’t want to reinstall it, continue to see below.

How to Easily Restore Windows from Recovery Partition

The Lenovo OneKey Recovery is a well-known tool we are familiar with, but it can only work with Lenovo. What if you want to restore Windows from recovery partition by another computer such as HP? A third party tool AOMEI One Key Recovery can help you. It supports all kinds of computer brand including Lenovo, Dell, HP, Toshiba etc. Before continuing to our point, you need to know how to make recovery partition first. after you get it, start to see below.

Step 1. Download One Key Recovery, install and enjoy it. In the main page, you will see OneKey System Backup and OneKey System Recovery, then select the second one.

Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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OKR Recovery

Step 2. Select a way to restore your system and click Next to enter another window.

Restore from

Notice: If you choose the second one, you need to manually select a system image file by clicking Browse, then follow the prompt to finish all the steps of restore windows from recovery partition.

Step 3. If you choose the first one, you will see following windows and click Next. If you want to restore to other location, please remember to tick the checkbox before “Restore to other location”.

Confirm Restore

Notice: If you don’t tick the option “Restore to other location”, it will restore your system to the original location by default.

Step 4. When you choose to restore your system to another location, you will see the window below and select a disk you want to restore. After all sets up, click Start Restore.

Step 5. Now, this is the last step for you to restore windows from recovery partition. All you need to do is to wait and click Finish after all the operations end.

All the steps of restore windows from recovery partition is finished. Aside by that, if your partition style is MBR, you can press F11 into Windows PE recovery environment to restore it.


Restore windows from recovery partition is really simple with a few steps. Also, you don’t need to create a bootable rescue USB drive or CD/DVD. But the Onekey System Backup and OneKey System Recovery both are designed for System. So if you want to run other operations related to partitions or folders, you could use AOMEI Backupper. In AOMEI Backupper, you can run System Backup, Folders Backup, System Restore, Partition Restore etc.

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