How to Image a Hard Drive in Windows 7 Easily with Powerful

In order to ensure the safety of data and operating system of Windows 7, free disk imaging software of AOMEI can resolve it perfectly by


By Clytze Updated on October 25, 2022

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As the computer viruses overflows, the operating system of Windows as well as the important data in the hard drive faces bigger and bigger threats. Windows 7 is not an exception. Apart from the virus attack, there are as well many other accidents occurring to the computer, such as, accidental formatting, accidental deleting, hard drive failure, etc. All the cases mentioned above can lead to data loss or damage to the operating system. What's worse, it might lead to financial troubles in the field of business. Therefore, it is of great necessity to come up with some countermeasures in advance. As far as I am concerned, the best way is to create image of hard drive Windows 7 with powerful tools.

With the increasing need of the users, many companies have developed and released corresponding software, which can help to ensure the data and operating system safety. But many of them have a high price. Here, I would like to recommend a free and powerful program-AOMEI Backupper. It is totally free of charge, and also it has many powerful functions. Then, let's see how to image a hard drive Windows 7 with this excellent tool.

Functions of Powerful Disk Imaging Software

As a professional disk imaging software, AOMEI Backup Software can work with all editions of Windows operating system since Windows 2000. Moreover, all the operations are simple to complete. Now, let's see the function of hard drive backup in Windows 7 with this tool in detail. The picture below is the user-friendly main interface of the powerful freeware.

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It can not only backup partition, but also can backup disk excellently. Also, it can deal with dynamic volume on the dynamic disk. What's more, it can backup several disks at a time. It supports backing up hard drive or disk to various storage devices.

In conclusion, this outstanding program also has many other functions as well. After the detailed demonstration, you must know the importance of backup. So if you need any help, just download this free disk imaging software to assist you at once.

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