What Is Partition/Volume Backup?

Partition and volume are one concept. The C:, D:, E:, in the computer can be called either partition or volume, such as, partition C:, Volume C:, etc. Partition and volume backup refers to back up data on C:,D;. Generally, a computer possesses at least a system partition, which can also be called system volume- C Drive. 

Also, there may be other data partitions as well. There are different types of data in each partition. The system files are stored in system partition, and files about work might be stored in D partition. During the process of data backup, we can back up a particular partition or volume based on our need, instead of all the partitions.

During partition backup, all the data on this partition will be packaged into an image file. For example, if there are 10,000 files in partition D, its image file will include all the files on D Drive. In fact, it is just similar to the theory of some compression software, such as, WinRAR, WizZIP, etc. the theory of compression software is to pack a file or folder and compress it into a single file, while the theory of partition backup software is to compress a partition or volume into a single image file. 

Moreover, as for those files that can not be accessed, compression software can not access them, while partition backup software can back up those file.

When Do You Need Partition Backup Software?

If your partition suffers some disk problems, such as, virus attack, file system failure, incorrect configuration, hard disk failure, an excellent solution is to restore this partition to the previous normal state. If you want to restore your partition, you need to create a backup before the partition goes wrong. In this case, you must employ a partition backup software. 

What worth mentioning here is that is it of great importance to have a system backup. Because in this case, even if your operating system can not boot, quick system restore can help you to avoid reinstallations of operating system and applications in OS.

If your company has bought 100 desktops computer with the same hardware configuration, and you want to install the same operating system on each of them, at this time, you can save a lot of time by employing a partition backup software. 

First, install one computer with the operating system, and then back up the system partition (that is to create an image file of the system partition). With this image file, you can restore it to the other 99 computers to avoid system reinstallation on each of them.

Backup Partition/Volume in 3 Steps with AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper, as a free tool, not only can back up your partition and volume, but also can backup disk. In addition, it provides a one-key operation of system partition backup. After you create an image file for your partition with AOMEI Backupper, it also provides corresponding function to burn this image file to CD/DVD. 

In this case, the image file will not occupy your hard disk space. As a professional backup software, it not only supports backing up primary and logical partitions on basic disk, but also can back up dynamic volume on dynamic disk.

Advice: before backup, please clean you partition so as to remove data that do not need to be backed up.

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Let's see the detailed steps of partition/volume backup.
1. Download this software, install and launch it. Then, select "Partition Backup" option under the "Backup" tab.

Partition Backup

2. The "Task Name" can be set here. Select a partition/volume as source drive that needs to be backed up and then set a destination path to store the image file.

Add Partition or Volume


  • You can back up one or more partition/volume at a time just by clicking "Add" option, or delete one in the list box by clicking "Delete".
  • "Options" is optional. Its functions of Compression, Encryption, Splitting, Comments can be specified based on personal needs.
  • Schedule: set daily, weekly, monthly, event triggers backup frequency here.
  • Scheme: it allows you to automatically delete old backups to manage backup space more efficiently, upgrade to Professional or higher versions and have a try.

3. Click "Start Backup" when all the settings have been completed. And then, click "Finish" to exit the interface. 

Final Words

In conclusion, it is important to back up partitions, especially the system partition. According to the survey, usually, after the operating system has been used for two years, there will be various strange problems. 

If you have had a system backup in advance, you can easily resolve these problems by system restore. Otherwise, the only choice for you is to spend half a day in reinstalling operating system and the relevant applications. 

AOMEI Backupper can resolve all problems you worry about. This program uses the operation wizard mode, which make the operations easier. With its prompts, all the backup tasks can be realized perfectly.