How to Create EFI Partition on Windows 11 and Backup EFI

If you don’t know how to create EFI partition on Windows 11, you’ll find answers after reading the article.


By Maggie Updated on April 18, 2023

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Overview of EFI partition

What is EFI partition

An EFI partition, which stands for extensive firmware interface partition, a special type of partition, is treated as a key component of a computer system boot used to store boot information that is necessary for booting a computer.

Thus, having a computer with no boot partition will prevent your system from rebooting, as there is nothing to boot from. If you are stuck in such a situation, you need to create a new or recover a deleted EFI system partition in order to operate your system successfully.

Possible conditions lead to EFI partition loss

Hard drive failure: If the hard drive is physically damaged or has bad sectors, the data in the EFI partition may be affected and even the partition itself may disappear.

Malware infection: Some malware may target the EFI partition and cause it to become corrupted or disappear. The situation usually requires the use of professional antivirus software for repair.

Operating system installation or upgrades: If you install or reinstall your system, the hard drive including the EFI partition will be deleted or overwritten. Thus, it’s important for you to think about backing up your important data.

Human misoperation: It happens when the users delete the EFI partition or modify it with the wrong tool.

In conclusion, keeping your hard drive in a healthy state and recognizing backup is the best measure for you to keep your EFI partition correctly.

How to create an EFI partition on Windows 11

If you find yourself with a missing or damaged EFI partition, knowing how to create EFI partition command can be really useful. If you want to create EFI partition Windows 11 manually by using the Command Prompt(CMD), follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to quickly create one.

Step 1. Press “Windows”+ “R” and type “CMD”, click “OK” to open CMD.

Step 2. Input the command lines below to shrink a partition to get unallocated space.

• diskpart

• list disk

• select disk x (x represents the sequence number of the disk where an EFI partition is required)

• list partition

• select partition n (n represents the sequence number of the partition to be shrunk)

shrink desired=500 (shrink the partition by 500MB)

Create ESP CMD

Step 3. Now, create an EFI system partition by using the unallocated space with the command lines below.

• create partition efi​

• format fs=fat32 quick​

• assign letter=Y​

exit​ (exit diskpart.exe)

Create ESP 2

bcdboot C:\windows /s Y:

Create ESP 3

Then restart your PC and the newly created EFI partition should now be available to use.

By using the CMD, you can create EFI system partition successfully. However, the thing is, the whole process is time-taking and you need to be extremely cautious with every step because if one step is wrong or missed, your devices may be damaged or meet other troubles.

Just as we mentioned before, the best way to create or keep your EFI partition in a healthy way is to avoid operation mistakes and do the backup. To do the EFI partition backup, a good option for you is to choose a third-party backup and recovery software that can save time and energy, such as AOMEI Backupper Standard.

Bonus tip: backup EFI system partition for protection

To avoid all the possible troubles if you delete your EFI partition carelessly, or you want to backup your existing EFI partition in case of any kind of danger, you can use a third-party software----AOMEI Backupper Standard to help you backup your EFI partition.

♥ It offers you full backup solutions, including system backup, disk backup, partition backup, file backup, and cloud backup per your needs.
♥ It can support almost all storage devices recognized by Windows, including IDE, SATA, SCSI, SSD, USB external disks, hardware RAID, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and so on.
♥ For functionality, you can set a scheduled backup in this software, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, and then it will perform the task automatically without human intervention.
♥ For capacity issues, you can compress the backup image to a smaller one or choose to back up only changed files with incremental backup.

Download AOMEI Backupper now to have a try.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Here are the detailed steps about how to back up your EFI partition by using AOMEI system backup after installing AOMEI Backupper Standard successfully on your computer:

Step 1. In the left tab page, select Backup and then select System Backup.

System Backup

Step 2. You can see the EFI partition included as the backup source automatically. Select a destination path to backup system to.

System Backup Location

Step 3. Click Start Backup to start the system backup task.

Start Backup

Step 4. Please kindly wait for the backup process to complete and then click the Finish button. As a result, you can check there is a backup image (.adi) generated in the destination location.

System Backup Result


It takes time and energy to create EFI partition on Windows 11 manually, and you must make sure every step is correct. Alternatively, a third-party software----AOMEI Backupper Standard is exactly right for you to backup your EFI partition in case of any kind of unexpected deletion or damage.

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