How to Transfer Pictures from SD Card to Computer | 3 Ways

Wondering how to transfer photos from SD card to computer? This article offers you 3 effective ways.


By Lily Updated on October 8, 2023

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Why transfer photos from SD card to computer?

SD card is a popular storage medium used in phones, cameras, game consoles, and multimedia players. It stores photos, videos, and files, etc. You may want to get pictures from SD card to computer in the following situations:

  • Backup: Transferring pictures to your computer ensures that you have a backup copy in case something happens to the SD card (e.g., corruption, loss, or damage).
  • Freeing up space: SD cards, especially those used in cameras and smartphones, have limited storage space. Transferring photos to your computer allows you to free up space on the SD card for new photos and videos.
  • Editing and organizing: It's often more convenient to edit and organize your photos on a computer.
  • Sharing: Transferring pictures to a computer makes it easier to share them with others. You can upload them to social media, send them via email, etc.
  • Printing: If you want to print your photos, it's usually more convenient to transfer them to a computer first.

How to get pictures from SD card to computer in 3 ways

In this part, you’ll get 3 effective ways to transfer pictures from SD card to computer. If you want not just a one-time transfer but a regular backup for your photos, try method 3.

# 1: Transfer pictures from SD card to computer via File Explorer

1. Insert the SD card into the card reader of your computer.

Note: If your computer doesn't have an SD card reader, use an external SD card adapter compatible with your computer and SD card.

2. Press Win + E to open File Explorer.

3. Double click on the icon of the drive that represents your SD card and navigate to the folder with the pictures you want to transfer.

4. Drag and drop the pictures to the desktop or another folder in your computer.

Transfer via File Explorer

# 2: Import photos from SD card to computer with Photos app

1. After you connect the SD card to your computer, click the Start button and then select Photos to open the Photos app.

2. Click Import in the top-right corner of the Photos app, and then select From a USB device.

From a USB Device

3. The Photos app will scan the drive and present a list of photos it found. Click Import selected to start importing your photos.

Import Selected

● All photos will be selected by default, but you can click Unselect all and choose the individual photos you want.
● The photos will be imported to the Pictures folder on your computer by default. To save them to another folder, you can click Import settings > Change the import destination.

# 3: Move pictures from SD card to computer using free sync tool🔥

The best free file sync tool – AOMEI Backupper Standard can also give you a hand. It offers the following features to help you move pictures quickly and easily:

  • You can transfer any data from an SD card to your computer, including photos, music, videos, and documents.
  • You can enable Schedule Sync to automatically transfer pictures from SD card to computer.
  • It supports all kinds of SD cards, like standard SD cards, microSD cards, micro SDHC cards, micro SDXC cards, micro SDUC cards, etc.
  • It is easy to operate, even a computer novice can handle the transfer process.

Learn how to import photos from SD card to computer using AOMEI Backupper below:

1. Connect the SD card to your computer and make sure it is detected. Download, install and launch AOMEI Backupper.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

2. Click Sync on the left pane, and select Basic Sync.

File Sync

3. Click Add Folder to select the folder on your SD card that contains the photos you want to transfer.

Add Folder

4. Click the destination box and Select a local path. Then choose a folder on your computer to save the imported photos.

Select Sync Destination

5. Click on Start Sync to perform the operation.

Start Sync

💡 Bonus tip: If you want to create a backup image for your pictures that can be restored later, please try the File Backup feature in AOMEI Backupper.

Wrapping things up

That’s all for how to transfer pictures from SD card to computer. You can use File Explorer, Photos app and AOMEI Backupper as per your need. Actually, AOMEI Backupper is not just a file sync tool. It is still an SSD migration tool that enables you to transfer data from HDD to SSD or from SSD to SSD.Don’t hesitate to try it out!

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