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Learn to back up computer with powerful and free software: Windows built-in backup and restore utility and AOMEI Backupper.


By Clytze Updated on January 9, 2024

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There is no doubt that many computer users would suffer some disk problems, such as, data loss, virus attack, etc. And most of them have faced some bad effects of these problems. In order to reduce the bad impacts, some protecting plan should be created. In fact, a reliable computer backup software can be the best solution. We can use it to create a backup of the important data as well as some partitions and disk. Then, an excellent and free computer backup software will be introduced to all the users.

Excellent Backup Freeware: AOMEI Backupper

As an easy-to-use countermeasure of backup and restore, AOMEI Backupper has many advanced functions. The picture below is the screenshot of this powerful software.



It has three main functions: disk/partition backup and restore, disk/partition clone. As for backup, there are three types: full backup, incremental backup and differential backup. The first means is often used for the first backup. And compared to full backup, the latter two approaches can help to save much time.

  • Incremental Backup: It just back up the changed and new added files based on the last backup.

  • Differential Backup: It just back up the changed and new added files based on the last full backup.

As for disk/partition clone, there are two ways: quick clone and sector-by-sector clone. Quick clone would only copy the used space, while sector-by-sector would copy all the space, whether it is used or not. In addition, during the operating process, its specially designed function of "partition alignment" can help to optimize performance of SSD.

There are many other functions as well.

  • Image Checking: This option can help to check whether the image file has been damaged before restore or after backing up.

  • Image file explorer: It can mount the image file as a partition with a drive letter, and then the files can be viewed from "My Computer".

  • Bootable CD: When the operating system can not be booted, we can restore the OS with the backed up image file through this bootable CD.

  • Backup to DVD/CD: This tool supports backing up hard drive or disk to DVD/CD.

  • Restore from DVD/CD: The images backed up in the DVD/CD can be used to restore source files or disk.

If you want to do some backups of files, partitions or disk, just download this free computer backup software immediately. Download here!

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