Backup XP with AOMEI Backupper

In order to avoid reinstalling XP when system crashes, backup the XP system in advance is the best solution. This article will introduce a fairly good friend to users to achieve the task of backup and restore with no difficulty.


by Clytze Updated on January 8, 2024

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During the process of using computer with a XP OS, we often encounter some unexpected situations. For example, when we are enjoying the MSN game, the system crashes suddenly; or while we are doing our job with the office software carefully, some viruses attack and make the machine could not work any more. No matter which one we meet, our pleasure and work will be influenced to a very great extent. That is so terrible. And what's worse, if we have not backed up hard disk before, we will have no choice but reinstall the system to get it well again. Many people would not like to adopt this unwelcome solution for they will lose all data on the system partition and start them from the very beginning once again.

Usually, when asked why not backup XP previously, many users' answer is they don't know how because this is their first time to own a computer and they are almost newbie. Indeed, even if they knew the built-in tool can reach this goal, the difficult operations will still be a big headache for them. Luckily, a PC backup freeware comes into being. Users need not worry any more. They can do everything that they want. And if something happened, the software can keep their machine in a safe condition very quickly.

Backup XP by AOMEI Backupper

Yes, this magic tool is AOMEI Backupper, the best backup software! It is a really professional freeware which can aid users to backup XP system to an image file in advance, and easily restore it after system problem happens. Moreover, if we want to save the image archive on CD or DVD but only one is not enough, it permits to split it into several parts and deposit in different ones. Then when the system crashes and cannot access, we can read the backup files of XP system from CD/DVD and restore them. This is amazing!

And for those people who are always busy, this backup program is totally an essential assistance. It can save them lots of time on account of that If a full backup has been finished before, they can only back up the files changed or added with one of the two features: "incremental backup" and "differential backup"

In addition, even if you were a green hand, you can also operate this tool with ease in that it has a fairly friendly console and many detailed prompts. Just follow the wizards and few clicks, the backup and recovery of XP system will be realized quite easily. So if you are bothering how to solve the system problems, or how to backup your system drive/disk, choose AOMEI Backupper. It will absolutely be your best friend.


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