Methods of Backup and Recovery for Windows

Backup can protect hard drive, operating system, files to avoid data loss. Using the backup and recovery/restore software which can support Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000 is the best solution to fulfill the task.


By Clytze Updated on January 10, 2024

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Why Backup and Recovery Are Important?

Usually, to back up for Windows is to avoid the difficult and time-consuming job–reinstall the operating system, and meanwhile to keep the data intact and system safe. When we using computer, we always encounter the problems, like viruses attack, disk fails, natural disasters, delete files/programs/partitions by mistake, format partitions accidentally, and reinstall Windows on wrong drive or other carbon-based error.

If we don't back up the partition or disk before, we will suffer a great pain by the abundant loss. But if we have done the preparation, every thing will be much easier to resolve: we just need to use the backup to recover them into the initial intact condition, and then all data and information we want will be back.

Thus it can be seen that backup and recovery is really important and necessary for Windows users. Then how can we achieve this aim? In this article, we will introduce two methods to all users; you can make a comparison and choose a better one for yourself.

Backup and Restore with Windows Built-in Tool

As more and more people start to use Windows 7, here we will give an example of this advanced system.

Back up volume F

  • Double click Computer, right click on F volume and select Properties. In the pop-up window, choose Tools on the top and select "Back up now".

  • In the new window, enter into the link of "Set up backup", choose a destination to save the image. Here we choose the volume G recommended by computer. Click "Next". (Tip: The destination volume must be equal or larger than the source one.)

  • In the window of "What do you want to back up", two options are given to us, we still choose the recommended one "Let Windows choose", then click "Next".

  • Review the backup settings and check if they are all correct. After clicking "Save settings and run backup" at the bottom, the computer will finish the progress automatically.

Restore G volume

  • Do the operations same as the first step above, enter the "Back up or restore your files" window, click "Restore my files".

  • Browse or search the recent backup for a file or folder, and restore them back to the initial location or choose another destination to save.

  • Click "Restore" to accomplish the operation.

Backup and Recovery Software

From the so many steps above, do you fell very dizzy? If you are a newbie, can you finish the task without any instructions of experts'? Indeed, it is too complicated. Few people can really achieve this goal totally on their own, and many users also only know how to use but don't know how to maintain and repair. Besides, it is also a litter long process which makes people feel anxious. So considering these disadvantages, the following way is recommended strongly to you. That is to use the AOMEI Backupper to help you.

As a reliable and professional backup and recovery software, AOMEI Backupper brings many advanced and popular features which can satisfy most users' needs. For example, you can full back up system partition or disk; you can incremental/differential backup the changed files based on the full image; you can clone the disk to upgrade the older smaller one; you can restore the image files to the original state, and so on.

Only with few clicks and a short time, you can complete the whole procedures. Moreover, the surface is quite friendly and wizards are also very detailed, so you need to pay no worry, no efforts, and even no money.

To deepen your impression, here is a picture of its main interface, you can have a look and compare it with the snap-in tool, I'm sure you will like it very much. Just click here to download this tool!

Main Interface

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