Create iPhone Backup and Easy Restore

FoneTool is a free iPhone backup software. You can make full or partial iPhone backup to save important data to safe place.

  • Backup your iPhone to avoid data loss in case it is corrupted beyond repair.
  • If your iPhone is lost, you still keep your data as long as you have a local backup.
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Easily Transfer iPhone Data

FoneTool makes it easy to transfer data from iPhone to PC, from PC to iPhone, and from iPhone to iPhone. It requires only simple clicks to share your files between your devices.

  • Export photos, videos, contacts, etc. to computer for reading, editing or printing.
  • Import files like photos, videos (movies), music to iPhone to enjoy them wherever you go.
  • When you have a new iPhone, simply transfer all local data from one iPhone to another.
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What Makes FoneTool Stand Out?

Backup & Restore Speed
Storage Device Support PC, Mobile HDD, NAS PC Server
Storage Path Selective C Drive only Server only
Preview and Select Files
View Backup files
1-click iPhone to iPhone Transfer
Universal Restore
Possible Incompatibility Possible Incompatibility

Why Choose FoneTool?

Superfast Speed

In the result of iPhone 3000+ Photo backup and transfer tests, normal mobile backup software needs an average of 20 min 24 sec to complete, yet FoneTool just took 6 mins.


FoneTool uses a user-friendly interface, simplifying your iOS data backup and transfer processes. You can share, backup and restore, manage your iOS data with just a few clicks.

Flexibly Transfer & Backup

FoneTool meets different transfer/backup needs. Support previewing items before processing, and specifying storage path to save data. Easy manage and restore data.

Tutorials and Guides

Fast, Easy iPhone Data Backup and Transfer

Get FoneTool to protect and manage iPhone data now!