Unable to Load Video on iPhone? Try These Fixes!

If you are unable to load video on iPhone, you may need this guide, which provides you with useful solutions to help you out.


By Demi / Updated on July 8, 2024

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Unable to load video

I get an error while trying to load my videos, it says, “An error occurred while loading a higher quality version of this video”. Does anyone have a fix? Or know about this problem?

- Question from Apple Community

Since videos can contain more details than photos, you may choose to take videos with your iPhone and burn iPhone videos to DVD to record important moments in your life. However, it is annoying that when you browse these videos from your iPhone Camera Roll, an error occurred, saying “Unable to Load Video, an error occurred”.

Unable To Load Video

If you are in the same situation, this guide may be worth-reading for you. You will be given some useful and simple solutions to the issue - Unable to load video on iPhone.

Part 1. Quick fixes to Apple unable to load video

The quick workarounds below are nice tries to when you’re unable to load videos. The simple adjustment may get you out of the issue.

• Toggle Favorite Video on and off.
Double-click the video that you cannot load > Toggle on the Favorite icon > Wait for seconds, and toggle off the Favorite icon to check if the videos can be played normally.

• Set up iCloud Photos to Download and Keep Originals
If you’ve enabled iPhone Photos, the process of reloading videos may get corrupted for kinds of reasons. Thus, please go to the Settings app > Tap [your name] > iCloud > Photos > Choose Download and Keep Originals to get your videos back.

iCloud Photos

• Duplicate the problematic video and try to play the copy.
Sometimes, the duplicated video works when you can’t load videos. Just select the video from the Photos app > Tap the Share button > Scroll down to locate and tap Duplicate to duplicate the problematic video. Now, you can try to play the copy.

If these quick fixes don’t work, you may head to Part 2 to try other further solutions or turn to Part 3 to transfer and browse iPhone videos on computer.

Part 2. 5 solutions to unable to load video on iPhone

In this guide, you will be offered five solutions to unable to load video on iPhone. You can try them one after another until your trouble gets fixed.

Solution 1. Check network connection

The first thing you need to do is to check your network connection. Network problems can cause Apple services to stop working on iPhone and the videos, correspondingly, cannot be loaded properly. Therefore, simply visit a web browser to make sure your Wi-Fi connection and cellular data are working fine.

Solution 2. Check available storage space on iPhone

If your iPhone storage is almost full, you may also have difficulty loading videos because your iPhone doesn’t have enough space to store your high-quality videos.

You can go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to check the available storage. If necessary, you may need this guide: iPhone Storage Full? Fix it Without Losing Data to free up storage space.

iPhone Storage

Solution 3. Check for App and iOS updates

An outdated app or operating system can cause unexpected errors from time to time. Thus, you need to check for the Videos app and iOS updates. If there are new versions of the app or iOS, please update and try again.

To check for the Videos app update: Launch the App Store > Tap your profile > Check if there are updates available for the Videos app.

To check for iOS updates: Go to the Settings > Choose General > Software Update.

iOS Software Update

Solution 4. Force restart iPhone

Sometimes, a simple force resetting can refresh your iPhone and solve common iPhone issues, and being unable to load video on iPhone may be one of them. Just force restart your iPhone to have a try. Here are the steps.

For iPhone 8 and later: Quickly press and release the Volume + button > Perform the same operation on the Volume - button > Press the Power button until you see the logo of Apple.
For iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press both the Power button and the Volume - button > Press the Power button until you see the Apple logo.
For iPhone 6s or earlier: Press both the Power button and the Home button for seconds and release it when the Apple logo appears.

Hard Reset iPhone

Solution 5. Set camera record settings to 1080p

If you set your iPhone to record 4K videos, it may take some time to load videos on your iPhone. If you can live with lower video quality, the direct way that can help you out is to edit the settings to record 1080p videos.

Just go to the Settings app on your iPhone > Tap Camera > Select Record Video > Select the 1080p option.

Record Video In 1080P

Now, you can get back to the Videos app to check whether the videos are loaded properly.

Part 3. Transfer and browse iPhone videos on Windows PC

If you have a Windows PC on hand, you can transfer the problematic videos from iPhone to computer for browsing and editing with the help of the iOS transfer software - FoneTool. You can also rely on the tool to transfer these videos back to iPhone after deleting the original ones from iPhone.

What FoneTool can provide you:
✔ Selective transfer videos to computer. You can preview all your iPhone videos and choose the wanted videos to transfer.
✔ No data loss. The transfer process doesn’t erase anything from your iPhone. The quality of the transferred videos won’t be degraded, either.
✔ Fast transfer speed. With a stable USB connection between iPhone and computer, you can finish the transfer process in seconds with the help of FoneTool.

Click the icon below to get the tool on your computer, and transfer iPhone videos to computer in three simple steps.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7
Secure Download

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer with USB > Launch FoneTool > Click Phone Transfer from its main interface > Choose iPhone to PC and click Start Transfer.

Transfer To Computer

Step 2. Click the plus icon > Check the Videos icon and uncheck the others > Preview and choose the videos you want to transfer > Click OK to confirm.

Choose Videos

Step 3. Choose a destination to save your videos from Transfer Settings > Click Start Transfer to start the process.


Warm tip: You’re free to choose to save your videos to any local folders on computer, external hard drives, NAS, etc. It can also be seen as a decent way to backup your iPhone videos.

You can browse iPhone videos on computer now. If you want these videos to back to your iPhone, let the PC to iPhone function in FoneTool help you.


Hope you can get out of the issue “Unable to load video” on iPhone after trying the solutions in this guide. You can also transfer the iPhone videos to computer with FoneTool and browse them on computer with no effort. If you have any other queries, suggestions, or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

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