[3 Ways] How to Transfer PDF from iPhone to iPhone Quickly

This guide will show you how to transfer PDF from iPhone to iPhone, including the method to transfer PDF without Internet.


By Lena / Updated on May 18, 2023

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For the purchased iBooks, you can go to Settings > [your account] > iCloud to turn on Books to sync all books from one iPhone to another one. However, how to transfer other PDF files downloaded from other sources? In addition, you may want to share the PDF with your friends, so you can't use the iCloud sync feature.

Well, there are 3 other ways to help you transfer PDF from iPhone to iPhone. You can read first and then choose one method to follow according to your situation. If you want a quick way to transfer multiple PDF files without Internet, then Way 1 is recommended.

Way 1. How to Transfer PDF from iPhone to iPhone via FoneTool for iOS

FoneTool for iOS is one free file transfer app for iPhone and iPad users. It can help you transfer photos, music, videos, contacts or any other files stored in Files app. The transfer can be done without the Internet - no need to connect to WiFi and no consumption of cellular data.

Steps to Transfer PDF from iPhone to iPhone

1. Scroll the QR code or go to App Store to download FoneTool for iOS on both iPhones.

MBackupper QR Code

2. Connect two iPhones.

  • Open FoneTool for iOS and allow it to use the WLAN services & access the files on the device.
  • Then place two iPhones near each other and go to Connect Device. Tap the avatar on either iPhone to establish a connection.

Connect Device

3. Transfer PDF from iPhone to iPhone.

  • On the source iPhone: Go to File Transfer > Tap Files > Tap the “+” icon and choose Import local files to add PDF you want to transfer.
  • Choose the PDF file and tap Send to start. You can go to Transfer List to check the progress of receiving and sending.

Send PDF

If you want to transfer PDF saved in other apps, for example, the Books app, you can go to Books app > choose the PDF you need > tap the three-dots icon and choose Save to Files.
Please keep FoneTool for iOS in the foreground on both iPhones during the transfer, otherwise, the transfers will be interrupted.

FoneTool has one desktop app for Windows users. If you not only want to transfer PDF from old iPhone to new iPhone but also want to transfer other files, the iPhone to iPhone Transfer feature can do you a favor. It can help you transfer almost all content and settings including the app data from old iPhone to the new iPhone.

iPhone to iPhone Transfer

In addition, you can let the Transfer to iPhone option transfer photos, videos, songs, contacts, etc. to new iPhone. For more features, you can click the button below to get FoneTool and explore by yourself.

Download Freeware Win 11/10/8.1/8/7
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Way 2. How to Transfer PDF from iPhone to iPhone via AirDrop

If you do not want to install all apps on your iPhone, then you can choose to transfer PDF from iPhone to iPhone via AirDrop.

Steps to AirDrop PDF from iPhone to iPhone

1. Turn on AirDrop.

Open Control Center > Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth > Press and hold on the network settings card to access AirDrop > Turn it on and choose Contacts Only or Everyone.

2. AirDrop PDF on Source iPhone.

Locate the PDF file you want to transfer, here we go to Files app > Tap the three-dots icon to choose the PDF > Choose AirDrop option > Select another iPhone.

3. Receive PDF on Target iPhone.

Tap Accept to receive the PDF file. You can tap the pull-up menu and choose one app to open the file.

Receive PDF

Way 3. How to Transfer PDF from iPhone to iPhone via Email

You can also choose to send the PDF file via email. But please note that there is a limit to the size of the attachment. Generally, email only supports files under 25MB.

Steps to Share PDF from iPhone to iPhone via Email

You can first go to Settings > Mail > Accounts and choose Add Account to add the email account on iPhone.

1. On the source iPhone, choose the PDF file you need > Tap the Share button > Choose Mail > Edit email recipient and other parts > Tap to send the email.

Send PDF via Mail

2. On the target iPhone, go to Mail app and find the mail with the PDF file. Now you can save the file on the device.

Final Words

That’s all about how to transfer PDF from iPhone to iPhone. FoneTool can help you transfer PDF and other files quickly. If you do not want to install any app on the device, you can take advantage of AirDrop or email to send needed PDF files.

For any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us!

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